If you’ve got an interest in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall, you really should check out this video. It’s about 20 minutes long, featuring developer commentary and gameplay footage that will probably look familiar to anyone who watched Sony‘s reveal back in February, because it’s the same chunk of game. This time around, though, as it’s not on a big stage, the player plays it at a bit more of a leisurely pace, looking around at things and giving you a better idea of the sort of environment you’re in. The character also isn’t invincible, like he was at the reveal, so the player has to be a bit more careful in firefights:

As I was watching this video, I couldn’t help but notice that there were some very deliberate choices made that seem directly related to the infamous showing of Killzone 2. The fact that the developers chose to use the same section they’ve already showed, for example, could just be because they don’t want to reveal too much of the game. It also could be because they wanted people to see this section running in real-time, so people know it isn’t fake. There were some people who also criticized the reveal demo for using an invincible character, so the person playing the demo died very clearly and obviously. That might just be me overthinking it, but I’d like to think it’s at least kind of true: it would be another indication that today’s Sony isn’t the same company they were back in 2005.

Source: [Destructoid]