It’s always exciting to find a new game among the hundreds being released all year that really interests you. Enter Montague’s Mount, developed by one-man team Matt Clifton, who describes the game as “a first-person psychological rollercoaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man’s tortured mind, set against the bleakness of an isolated Irish island.” Delightful, no? Here’s the trailer for the game:

I’m getting a Dear Esther vibe off the game, what with the solitary island and lone protagonist narrating out loud to a recipient. The horror elements are obviously an important difference from last year’s ponderous indie game, and Clifton has this to say about it:

“Current trends within the gaming world have left the market awash with horror-esque games; many of which revolve around shock tactics or gory visuals to get their message across. My goal with Montague’s Mount is to turn the Horror genre on its head by giving the player a combination of clever puzzles, a thought-provoking story that touches upon real issues (such as mental health), and stays true to my love of cinematic visuals.”

Also, the game employs the Gaeilge language, which is legitimately exciting in it’s own right.

Montague’s Mount comes to PC’s “soon.” You can lend a hand at their Steam Greenlight page here until then.

Via [Indie Statik]