Precursor Games‘ attempts to get Shadow of the Eternals (a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness) funded has been the source of a farcical narrative to outside observers. It’s a story that includes a lost lawsuit, simultaneous running of two crowd-funding efforts, the shutdown of those efforts as they only netted a paltry sum of the 1.25 million asked for, Dennis Dyack taking an apologetic tone for his past behavior on at least a couple of podcasts, and now the next step: another crowd funding effort on Kickstarter. This one with a few gems of its own.

The first is the drop in the goal by almost 50% of the original’s Kickstarter (possibly more depending on what they expected to raise from their own site’s fundraiser) to $750,000. Considering that the group has stated they will refund all the money given to them through their website’s funding, the amount seems way too low to deliver wjat they describe as “a fully complete, 8-10 hour action-adventure game steeped in psychological horror.” Consider that Psychonauts would’ve reportedly cost $13 million dollars to make, according to Tim Schafer. Though obviously these are two very different studios and Shadow of the Eternals is some ways along (a playable demo was made available to some sites), the disparate numbers are a bit unnerving.

The second is that the old voice of Solid Snake- David Hayter– will be voicing one of the characters. I’ll let that lie.

Lastly is that one of the Kickstarter’s pledge levels gives allows donors to work for the company… for free. That’s right, up to 5 “lucky” donors can pay the company $5000 to help them show off their game at a games event like PAX, E3, or GDC. They’ll even get to pay for their own travel costs! This is even worse than the current trend of unpaid internships.

As for the actual pitch, well, here it is:

Kind of speechless. Let’s see where this all goes.

Via [Joystiq]