Thanks to some Youtube Let’s Plays, I’ve found myself sucked into Paradox Development Studio‘s Crusader Kings II (CKII). It’s a brilliant game that mechanically feels like it’s a board game far too complex to be run by just humans. Thematically, the game focuses on managing feudal lords as players attempt to expand and control an empire in medieval Europe. I’ve heard it described as the best Game of Thrones video game that isn’t about Game of Thrones. (Oh wait, there’s an expansive fan mod that actually makes this about Game of Thrones as well. Well done, Internet.)

Just yesterday, publisher Paradox Interactive announced that player’s will be able to take their saves from the medieval management sim and transfer them into the upcoming Europa Universalis IV (being developed by the same studio that did CKII). The Saved Game Converter feature

“will read the details of a saved game from a Crusader Kings II and convert that into a game that can be played in Europa Universalis IV. Fans of Crusader Kings II will be able to maintain the empires they have established and guide them through the age of exploration in an all-new strategic experience, continuing their personal stories of expansion and conquest.”

It’s an incredibly neat feature that was showed off during a Twitch stream, which I’ve embedded here for your convenience:

It was unfortunate then to hear that the feature would only be given to those who pre-ordered. Sure, a pre-order of Europa Universalis IV will also net you a copy of CKII, but the fact that they’re withholding such a neat thing as a price for buying the game without any reviews or extensive, critical information is disappointing.

Considering Paradox Interactive’s tradition of selling multiple, tiny pieces of DLC for games, it’s not impossible to see them releasing it post-launch for a small price. A developer on the forums stated that it wasn’t an assured outcome though, encouraging people to pre-order.

Source [Paradox Plaza]