One of the most striking games that was shown off at the PS4 reveal event this past February, was Capcom’s deep down, which was announced along with the Panta Ray game engine. Here’s the trailer and announcement if you need a refresher (game begins around 4:30):

It was one of those trailers that made everyone question if they were watching actual gameplay or just a cinematic.

Assumed to be a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma due to the double ‘d’ initials of both games and thematic similarities of knights and dragons, Capcom had said that the two series aren’t related. Thanks to Siliconera though, we know now just a little more about the mysterious next generation title.

deep down will apparently be on online, multiplayer game, according to the site. The most obvious clue to that is due to the game’s developer being Capcom Online Games. The second is that the Japanese teaser site for the game mentions that an internet connection is required.

What the game will be about and how it will play is information we’ll have to wait until Tokyo Game Show to find out, where the game will be playable. Until then, enjoy this teaser trailer released today, which doesn’t do much to further our knowledge about what deep down is: