Back when Humble Bundle partnered with THQ in the latter’s waning days, it came as a surprise to everyone that the pay-what-you-want organization that had supported mostly small titles from independent developers was working with a major- albeit sinking- publisher to sell high-production games. Some claimed the move was against everything Humble Bundle stood for, while others celebrated the fact that these games would appeal to a wider audience and bring in more money for the charities that Humble Bundle supports (the latter arguments was buoyed by the fact that the THQ bundle brought in twice as much as the highest selling bundle before it).

It turned out it wasn’t just a one-time move, as Humble Bundle recently partnered with publisher Deep Silver to sell some more high-production games like Saints Row 2, Metro 2033, and Dead Island. While the Deep Silver bundle didn’t do quite as good as the THQ one (possible due to fact that there were some repeats as Deep Silver ended up buying Saints Row and Metro when THQ was liquidated), it was still an impressive amount of money pulled in.

Launched yesterday, the Humble Origin Bundle sees them partnering with one of the biggest publishers of all: EA.

At the low price of $1, buyers will be able to get themselves Origin keys to Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, and Dead Space 3. For beating the average price ($4.70 at the time of this writing), buyers will also get Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3. Steam keys are also included for the first five games. Here’s the promotional video for it:

It’s kind of a brilliant move on EA’s part in encouraging a very specific audience (PC gamers with their ears to the ground on deals) into using Origin. They’re also attempting to generate goodwill through the sale by abdicating their portion of the profits and giving it all to charity and the Humble Bundle organization.

I can testify that The Sims 3 and Mirror’s Edge are easily worth $5, so everything else is a cherry on top. Having to use yet another digital storefront client to gain access to those games is definitely a downside though.