Ludum Dare 27 has wrapped up its voting process, and with a variety of winners in different categories, the place to get the most detailed information on the contest is off their site itself here.

That being said, here are the top three overall winners of this instance of the game jam, whose theme was ’10 Seconds’:


Probe Team frames the players as engineers of a sort, in control of robots who look like gears and have 10 seconds worth of thrust each. Players use arrow keys to burst through a maze-like location, using the momentum created from the bursts to float forward and activate switches. One of the game’s main appeal is it’s visual representation, that gives the impression of observing a robot through a low resolution monitor. You can play the game online here.


In Clockwork Cat, players take control of a white cat in 2D pixel world, where a giant clock looms in the background with ten seconds left until midnight. Using a wrench, the cat platforms around looking for gears that can be used to turn back time, pressing ever forward atop gold boxes. You can play it online here.


Proletarian Ninja X focuses on an assassin out for the blood of greedy capitalists. Seeing as how they’re so many though, the ninja has only 10 seconds to clear each location of all his targets. Using only the mouse, players left click to move and attack, while using the right click to throw a lethal shuriken. The targets’ vision cones are easily visible and can only focus on one cardinal direction at a time. Their rotating vision gives the game a rhythmic feel, stacked on top of the puzzle-like complexity of choosing victims. You can play the game online here.