The phrase ‘developer dream team’ isn’t used often… hold up. Let me Google that.

Okay, ‘developer dream team’ has been used over a quarter of a million times, so I’m just going to say that new developer Campo Santo Games is made up of a lot of talented guys.

The bay area team consists of Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, who were the leads on Telltale‘s The Walking Dead, Nels Anderson who was the lead designer of Mark of the Ninja, and the fantastically talented artist, Olly Moss. Together, they’ve teamed because- according to the studio’s first blog post written by Vanaman- “…we think we’ve found the right group of people…”

While the studio has released no information on what their current project is, they have announced they are working with Panic Inc, a Portland, Oregon software developer whose previous experience seems to have been focused on utility software for Apple products.

While there are no screenshots or trailers, the talent that makes up Campo Santo Games warrants excitement.