Gotham City Impostors Says “Thank You” With Free DLC

Liking Gotham City Impostors so far? Then get ready for some free DLC!

Darkness II Trailer Shows Off Sweet Executions

There's a new Darkness II trailer, and man, is it gory. Check out some of the awesome executions you can perform.

Is Rocksteady Working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game?

Rocksteady is known for perfecting the super hero game. Could TMNT be next?

Darksiders II: Can Death Breathe Life Back Into THQ?

This past year was not so nice to THQ. They need a big hit. Can Death breathe life back into THQ?

DC Has a New Logo. Ummm, Why?

Since 2005 the DC Comics logo was a blue swoosh. There's a new logo for DC Comics, and it's um...yeah. Not good.

Is Catwoman Getting Her Own Arkham City DLC Episodes?

It appears the Dark Knight's main squeeze may also be getting her own sexy adventures after the main event...

Ultimate Spider-Man Enters the Edge of Time

There's a new Spider-Man hitting the comics. Travel to the Edge of Time to wear his suit.

The Adventures of Link, the Unmedicated Lunatic (Comic)

Follow the adventures of Link, the manliest lunatic in the universe, in his own comic strip series...

X-Men Destiny – Exciting First Details

Silicon Knights is apparently flipping the script to bring the focus to the average X-man (or X-woman) and the “tough decisions” that they have to make.

DC Universe Online Fact Sheet Surfaces

DC Universe Online is here and ready for you to create a hero of your own. Before you dive in, check out this fact sheet and get a heads up about the game.

From Polygons to Panels – The Marriage of Games and Comics

If there's one thing the entertainment industry does well, it's expand franchises into different mediums. No two industries know this better than those of video games and comic books.

Valve Releases Part 2 of Left 4 Dead “Sacrifice” Comic Series

Valve have released the second part of their four-part comic series concerning the backstories of the four original characters as well as the events of the upcoming DLC of the same name.

Valve Releases Part One of Left 4 Dead Comic Series

Valve has released the first chapter in their four-part Left 4 Dead comic series to tie in with the upcoming "Sacrifice" DLC for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2.

How to Unlock Zombies in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This awesome-looking beat 'em up is actually a game being released alongside the film that is an adaptation of Bryan O'Malley's comic book. The film is being directed by Edgar Wright, who posted a video on his blog showing off the cheat code to unlock zombie enemies. Rad.

Thor: The Video Game Is A Thing That Exists

In a move that surprises absolutely nobody, Marvel and Sega are planning to release a Thor video game to coincide with the release of the film in Summer of 2011. While I have no information on the game besides the trailer to go on, if Iron Man & other comic-to-movie video games are any indication, this game won't be so great.