Senator Calls Games a Place to Practice Violence

Earlier this week IGN posted an article about California Senator Dianne Feinstein's latest sentiments about video games and their connection to real world violence. ...

Cosplay Spotlight: Gaige (Borderlands 2)

Welcome to Pandora, where science projects are really robots that can turn people into jelly. Lesson: don’t screw with a girl and her robot.

Top 10 LucasArts Games

As a way to pay tribute to the shuttering of LucasArts as a development studio, we here at RipTen decided to list our top ten favourite games developed by LucasArts.

Cosplay Spotlight: Infested Kerrigan (StarCraft)

She is the Swarm, ready to shatter armies and burn worlds. The Queen of Blades is back and ready to conquer the universe … or at least the convention circuit.

Torment: One Week Remains to Fund Two Crucial Stretch Goals

Wondering why Torment's last few stretch goals are so important to hit? Let me tell you.

RipTen Dojo: Overcoming the Plateau

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we go over training "plateaus" and what players can do to move past them.

RipTen Dojo: The Lost Art of Interactive Level Design

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we talk about interactivity in fighting game stages and how that aspect might be missing from more modern games.

Has the Auction House Ruined Diablo III?

Hopefully my concerns about the direction of Diablo IIIare unfounded, but I have space on the internet, so I write.

RipTen Dojo: What Makes for a Good Crossover Fighting Game?

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we take a look at how a fighting game can avoid some of the traps that were discussed in last weeks article.

Cosplay Spotlight: Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

Snake never gets old. Well, physically, maybe... You know what I mean.

RipTen Dojo: Why “Dream Crossovers” Just Don’t Work

In this two part series on crossover games, we begin by talking about how most crossover "dream games" should stay in the realm of dreams.

E3 2012: Follow Us On Twitter

Twitter - It's like news on demand!

RipTen Dojo: Why I Can’t Get Behind 3D Fighting Games

In this week's RipTen Dojo, I talk about why I just can't get into the majority of 3D fighting games, and how I feel they may be flawed from the beginning.

Hitman Attack of the Saints Trailer is a Magnet for Videogame Detractors

Square Enix's latest trailer for Hitman: Absolution is a major advertising misstep...

RipTen Dojo: Training for the Tournament

This week in RipTen Dojo, we talk about training for tournaments, and outline a plan that I'll be using to train for an upcoming local tournament.