38 Studios’ Project Copernicus Video Isn’t For You

The release of a video for Project Copernicus has nothing to do with gamers.

Delays Point to Big Console Reveals at E3 2012

Want to know why five major games have been delayed until 2013? Here's a hint: it has nothing to do with the status of those titles.

Shorter Games Must Make a Comeback

Are longer games still the most attractive prospects? It depends on who you are. Sometimes, shorter gamers are more appealing.

RipTen Dojo: The Break

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we talk about getting burnt out on fighting games, and how taking a break might be the right way to move forward.

Cosplay Spotlight: Female Monk (Diablo III)

Monday just can't come soon enough, can it? Well, this cosplay probably won't make it any easier. Gotta love the classics.

RipTen Dojo: Interview with Skullgirl’s Audio Director Vincent Diamante

We had the chance to talk Skullgirls, interactive soundtracks, and the future of game music with Vincent Diamante.

The Difference Between Excitement and Hype is Expectation

Developers and publishers that over promise and under deliver are going to find themselves in trouble.

A Nintendo Fan’s Dilemma With The New Dual Physical / Digital Releases

Should Nintendo fans choose physical or digital with certain future releases? Or is there another way?

E3 and Beyond – Next Generation is More Important Than You Know

The only thing certain about the future is that console manufacturers control their own destinies.

RipTen Dojo: Five Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Fighting Games

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we revisit some of the topics covered so far, and take a look at some of life lessons that can be learned from fighting games.

While Mobile and Consoles “Fight,” the PC Market Thrives

Does anyone else think that the jabs between the mobile and console sectors are just plain silly?

Cosplay Spotlight: Kirin Armor (Monster Hunter)

Oh... so that's why Monster Hunter is such a big hit in Japan...

RipTen Dojo: The “Main”

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we go over the importance of having a main character, and what that can mean when you're trying to learn a fighting game.

The Convergence: Longing for an Age Without Platform Wars

As we approach a new generation of consoles, the pointless bickering is inevitable.

Mobile Won’t Kill Consoles… If Manufacturers are Smart

Gamers shouldn't cringe every time they see an iPad. Cross-platform play will make it all better.