Lost Nintendo Games Volume 5. Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. was one of the first Wii titles shown off when Nintendo first announced the Wii’s software lineup at E3 2006. It is, in fact, the second Wii game that I ever played with ...

Nintendo Collectors Journal 8/24/2010

The first item I came across this week is a Nintendo Power Collector’s Special issue named “The Official Guide to The Legend of Zelda”. This issue give a quick glimpse at every Zelda title ever released except for ...

Club Nintendo Reward Review: Silver Nintendo DS Game Card Case With Stylus

The Silver Nintendo DS Game Card Case With Stylus is the only regular North American Club Nintendo reward that has been completely removed. The case can hold up to six Nintendo DS game cards and comes with an aluminum stylus. This rewards also has ...

Capcom Set To Take Over Your DS With Okamiden and Ghost Trick

We sat down with the producers of both titles to get an insight into just how and why Capcom will soon be holding your Nintendo DS captive.

Lost Nintendo Games Volume 4. Nazo no Murasamejō

Nazo no Murasamejō was released for the Famicom Disk System on April 14, 1986. Since then this title has never left Japan even though it has been re-released as part of the Famicom Mini series for the Game Boy Advance and was also put on the ...

The Game That Best Used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Many people out there criticize Nintendo’s online approach to gaming. For years I have heard people complaining about friend codes, lack of online options and more that plague Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. To this day it’s clear that there are several ...

APB Developer Realtime Worlds Facing Closure and Liquidation

The other day Ripten ran an editorial titled, "Is APB Already Dying?" Well it appears that we may have been more right than we knew.

Emulation: Breathing New Life Into Old Games?

I recently found out that I can play PSX games on my Droid phone. That was a good day. It was also a day...

Club Nintendo Reward Review: The Legend Of Zelda 3-Poster Series

The Legend of Zelda 3-Poster Series is one of the coolest Club Nintendo Rewards currently offered. The set comes with three different Legend of Zelda posters. The first poster shows ...

How to Emulate PSX on an Android Phone

Have a high-end Android phone, and want to relive your glory days on Playstation? If you've got a phone like the Droid X, Incredible, or Droid 2, you can play PSX roms pretty well on the go. It takes a little setup to get going, and lucky for you, Ripten is here to help.

All-Disappoint-Bulletin: Is APB Already Dying?

APB had a huge chance to make it big in the MMO market with it's dynamic customization and fun gameplay. It was hard to see this game becoming anything but a real contender amongst the big name MMOs, but I simply don't see that happening now.

The Dance Craze Is Back with DanceDance Revolution 3

Last night, we were invited to the official Konami launch party for DanceDance Revolution 3 (DDR) held in Culver City, CA. Konami revealed their latest iteration, five years in the making with a star studded extravaganza

Can Kinect Bring a New Type of Game?

The big thing that everyone is focusing on with Microsoft's Kinect system is the motion control. People jumping around and waving their arms in the air makes for a slick commercial, sure. But is that kind of gameplay really going anywhere?

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Control Problem

It should be no surprise that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of my most highly desired Wii titles. Upon it being unveiled at Nintendo’s E3 2010 Press Conference I immediately fell in love with the new art style. The new sword controls looked ..

Mafia II Makes Me Proud To Be a PC Gamer

The Mafia II demo was released today, and I've finally been able to play it outside the confines of a 2k demo booth.  I...