Red Bull Giving Wings to eSports Audience Participation in Seattle

Red Bull doesn't want you to just watch the upcoming LAN Seattle event. They want you to get into the action.

The Mission Might be Lost, but Doom 3 Found New Life at QuakeCon 2012...

New and improved Doom 3! 3D! Head-mounted displays! Demons!

Hands on from QuakeCon with Apogee and Interceptor’s Rise of the Triad Reboot

Rise of the Triad remake really hits old school gamers hard with nostalgia.

Apogee’s Rise of the Triad Reboot is a Reality

The world's most ludicrous shooter is back in this reboot by Apogee and Interceptor. Also, it seems that cover is for wimps.

DayZ Developer Talks Inspiration, Possibility of Standalone DayZ “Before the End of the Year”

Dean "Rocket" Hall has lofty ambitions for his wildly popular zombie mod.

Wii U Experience Tour Impressions

The King Nintendo Fanboy attends the exclusive Wii U Experience preview event in NYC.

Marvel Heroes Playable at Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-Con San Diego Attendees will be among the first to get a crack at upcoming MMO Marvel Heroes.

Evolution 2012 Offering Over $100,000 in Prize Money

This years Evolution fighting game tournament series boasts over $100,000 in prize money. Round 1... FIGHT!

E3 2012: Watch Dogs Trailer QR Code Takes You to Tie-In Site

Ubisoft's just launched a tie-in site with its new IP Watch Dogs that may be a new augmented reality game...

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 is Coming Soon!

One of best run fighting game tournaments is coming to Chicago at the end of May.

Trendy is Paying for Dungeon Defenders Maps

Like designing maps? Trendy Entertainment is offering a $1000 grand prize for a map designing competition for Dungeon Defenders!

Nintendo Reveals PAX East Plans

Nintendo's PAX East plans have been officially announced. Looks the 3DS is the star of the show.

Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez Leaves Cross Counter, Possibly the Fighting Game Scene

Pillar of the fighting game community Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez announced his departure from Cross Counter last night.