Behold The First Two Minutes of the BioShock Infinite E3 Gameplay Demo!!

Want to know why we gave BioShock Infinite our Best of Show award at E3 2011? Well, you'll have to see what we saw...

BioShock Infinite Gets 39 E3 2011 Best of Show Awards

Here at RipTen, we've got pretty good taste in games. Don't agree? Well, fuck you, everyone else apparently does.

RipTen’s Best of E3 2011 Awards

Welcome to the RipTen Best of E3 2011 awards! Many games have fought valiantly to make this list, so come along with us as we tell you just which ones came out on top at this year's expo.

E3 2011: ArmA III – All Other Military Simulators Need Not Apply

ArmA III is shaping up to be the best game in the series, and from a hardcore ArmA fans point of view, Bohemia Interactive is taking ArmA III to a whole other level...

E3 2011: The Zelda And Bird HD Wii U Experiences Were Impressive

Nintendo showed off two HD experiences at E3 2011. These were basically just interactive HD videos...

E3 2011: Assassin’s Creed Revelations Forgoes Stealth For Epic Action

It seems that Ubisoft Montreal got bored with the more expected aspects of the series and decided to...

E3 2011: Halo 4 Announced at Microsoft’s Keynote (Trailer)

Microsoft definitely closed out their show with a bang, showing a quick teaser of Halo 4. The teaser wasn't anything solid, just showing Master Chief and Cortana trying to find a way to escape a destroyed ship.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Detail Heavy Trailer for E3

The hype for Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably at an all-time high right about now.

RipTen’s Most Anticipated E3 2011

Our bags are unpacked and we've got nothing to do between now and tomorrow other than roast marshmallows over Dave's overheating PC and share our most anticipated E3 games and hardware with you. So here goes...

RipTen Team Ready to Tackle E3 2011

E3 2011 is almost here and RipTen is once again ready to deliver real independent press to every nerd.

E3 2011 – The Confirmed Games List

This list is the most up to date list available and focuses exclusively on games that have been 100% confirmed.

Hands On Skullgirls – All The Best Features in One Sexy Fighting Game?

When I first saw Skullgirls in action I thought it looked like a mediocre port of Marvel v Capcom 3. A few hours (and a couple of beers) later...

Check Out This Awesome 150ft Tall Skyrim Billboard Outside E3

In order to properly advertise a game as epic as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you need to have one EPIC billboard.

‘Scare to Care’ Running Amnesia: The Dark Descent Fundraiser This Weekend

This weekend Tim and Vernon Shaw of 'Scare to Care' will be playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent in aid of the Camp Kesem UCSD charity.

QuakeCon 2011 Registration is Now Open!

While general admission has always been free, QuakeCon will have some premium packages available to choose from this year.