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Fan-Made Fallout: New Vegas Film Spinoff Seeks Crowd Funding

A new fan film project seeks to bring the bloodthirsty antagonist from New Vegas to the forefront. With your help, it might just happen.

Metal Gear Solid Getting Silver Screen Treatment

Solid Snake is coming to the big screen - for real this time.

The Watercooler: First Day

I've found myself posting rather a lot of Limmy's Show clips on the Watercooler. There's good reason for that- his show is a diamond in the rough of comedy shows.

Crunchyroll Coming to PS3 Soon

Anime fans, you can finally stream your favorite shows to your console!

Michael Fassbender Dons The Robes as Actor and Producer in the New Assassin’s Creed...

The Prometheus star is step to step into the boots of an assassin in the first film adaptation of Ubisoft's popular video game franchise.

You’re Friggin’ Kidding Me… CBS Films Signs Deus Ex Movie

Oh ye gods. Not another videogame to movie adaptation.

The Making of “Enter the Metro” Makes Us Long for a Full Length Feature...

If you saw THQ's live action short film, "Enter the Metro" and found it simply stunning - you're not alone.

The Watercooler: The Unwritten Rules of Society

I love Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is a great character because he's an outlet for our everyday annoyances- and here they all are.

The Watercooler: Pulp Fiction Audio Mix

This is great- an audio mashup using clips from Pulp Fiction. I wouldn't suggest watching this without having seen the film, though- instead go and watch the film. An all time great.

The Watercooler: High-Fives All Round

Something something, Jimmy Kimmel. Something something, don't have him in the UK. Something something, high-five video I found on the Internet.

The Watercooler: Countdown to spelling errors

In this clip from British TV show Countdown, a woman manages to misspell a word that perhaps she ought to know a bit better.

The Watercooler: Blooper Madness

No, Justin Berube, this is not a Mario Kart edition. In fact it's a collection of 45 minutes' worth of Whose Line is it Anyway bloopers- one of the funniest shows on TV (when it was on TV).

The Watercooler: I Know That Voice

Today's video is a teaser of sorts for a documentary, but it looks really good so I thought I'd give it some more exposure. It's about voice over artists- and has a great interview cast list.

Pre-order the Walking Dead to be Part of the Game

Do you have an insatiable thirst for human flesh? Dream of being immortalized as one of the undead?