Novelty Real Estate Site, Movoto, Prices World of Warcraft’s Grommash Hold

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WildStar wants you to Pay It Forward, minus Haley Joel Osment.

World of Warcraft Tribute Book Now Available for Pre-Order

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Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 Gameplay Demo

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New Mirror’s Edge Will Hopefully Be More Expansive

Will this be the game that the first one could have been? Oh, I hope so.

Kingdom Hearts III… Wait Really?! What’s In That Trailer?

Square finally decided to announce Kingdom Hearts III when I wasn't around, but at least the trailer has given me a couple of hints on what the game will be like.

Microsoft Announces Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

A new Xbox 360 game? Microsoft! Good on you for not abandoning it.

Lighting Returns Gameplay Demo Is Short And Sweet

Square releases a new (albeit brief) look at their upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

RipTen Review: Reus (PC)

The indie god game that gives you the powers of Glaucus instead of Gaia is a unique take on the genre.

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