Kingdom Hearts III… Wait Really?! What’s In That Trailer?

Square finally decided to announce Kingdom Hearts III when I wasn't around, but at least the trailer has given me a couple of hints on what the game will be like.

RipTen Review: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (PC)

Techland's latest entry in the wild west-oriented Call of Juarez franchise hauls leather with surprising effectiveness.

RipTen Review: Defiance (PC)

Defiance is a good game that's hard to recommend. You'll either hate it or love it.

RipTen Review: Dead Island Riptide (PC)

No matter how you look it at, Dead Island Riptide is one of the best co-op zombie survival horror games.

Insomniac Shows Off F– USE Echelon Mode

Yesterday Insomniac Games held a live stream event to show off part of their upcoming game F-- USE.  The focus was on their cooperative wave-based...

RipTen Review: BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)

A bold new vision of the BioShock universe is upon us. Does this strange and beautiful bird help the series soar to new heights, or has it flown a little too close to the sun? Read on to find out.

TERA: Rising To Get New and Exciting Small-Ass Monsters

En Mass Entertainment's action-MMO, TERA: Rising, will soon be getting a brand new PVE element.  The announcement came today, April 1st, that a counter-point to...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution “Director’s Cut” Confirmed For The Wii U

Coming two years after the orignal game's release, can this Wii U-exclusive special edition still hack it?

Let Slip The Dogs Of War: A Sang-Froid Preview

Artifice Games' werewolf focused game takes on-the-ground tower defense in a different direction.

It’s Time to Ring In the Year of the Snake, Sleeping Dogs-Style

If you thought your time with Sleeping Dogs was finished, it's time to wake up and sink your teeth into this new DLC expansion.

New Deadpool Gameplay Trailer for your Consumption

Do you enjoy Deadpool? If you answered yes, this new gameplay trailer is for you.

Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed IV Will Be Pirate-Themed, Full Reveal Coming Soon.

The next installlment looks to be a swashbuckling, high seas pirate adventure. Prepare to set sail!

RipTen Review – Aliens: Colonial Marines (Xbox 360)

Do yourself a favor and forget this game ever existed. It is absolutely terrible and should be avoided, even when it lands in the bargain bin.

RipTen Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Xbox 360)

All that's left is for Raiden and Kratos to fight it out over who is the angriest videogame character of all time.

RipTen Review: Strike Suit Zero (PC)

While it's less a rebirth of space combat and more a revisit, Strike Suit Zero has enough to provide some enthusiasts hours of fun.