Amazing Minecraft Time-Lapse Video Will Make You Question Reality

What happens when you get a team of dedicated Minecraft builders together and have them work for 16 hours?

Video Games Aren’t Just for Humans, You Know

It turns out that smartphones games have gotten so casual that even lizards are playing them.

Can An Angry Birds Movie Be Sexy and Violent? Apparently.

Somebody call Guy Ritchie, the man's got a bloody film to make. Literally. This you've got to see to believe:

Who Knew Kinectimals Was This Scary?

Many of us bad ass gamers probably overlooked Kinectimals when it was released. Maybe we should take another look...

New Screenshots for Mission Impossible… the Facebook Game

I was a little confused when I heard that Mission Impossible: The Game was a Facebook game.

Minecraft Has Finally Gone Gold

After what may be the longest freakin' beta ever, Notch announced today via his Twitter feed that Minecraft is at last a "finished" product.

RipTen Review: Burnout Crash! (XBLA)

I have to say, I wasn't too ecstatic when EA announced the next title in the Burnout franchise would be a top down arcade title

Katamari Amore, Coming to an iDevice Near You

We have concluded that another iOS Katamari game is necessary. Please make it so.

Behold The Official Minecraft 1.8 Trailer!!

Minecraft is getting a pretty serious update. To go along with said update, Mojang has released a pretty serious trailer.

RipTen Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect (XBLA)

Not long ago, an evil mastermind crafted a plan to kill us all using the most powerful substance known to man: fruit.

Hands on With Gunshine: Facebook’s Grindy Quest for More Money… and Guns

If you live on Facebook like the majority of the modern world, then you may have heard of Gunshine. We played it. We're not sure if we should have.

Minecraft’s Newest Mob is the Creepiest Yet

Posting on his personal blog, Minecraft creator Notch (Markus Persson, to be formal) introduced the scariest mob creation yet

Latest Sims 3 Patch Leaks A Ton Of Details About Sims 3: Pets

EA accidently left a ton of content regarding The Sims 3: Pets in their latest patch for the original game.

TopWare Interactive to Bring Eyetracking to the iPad 2

TopWare Interactive has announced that they're releasing a special version of Two Worlds II: Castle Defense...

Avatar Kinect Now Available as Part of Kinect Fun Labs!!

Microsoft have just released Avatar Kinect for free as a part of "Kinect Fun Labs". Download it now.