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Win a Key to Enter a World of Steamworks and Magic in City of...

Get your typing fingers ready and you could win alpha access to City of Steam

Streaming On the Path of Exile (Beta Key Giveaways!)

Chance encounters lead to some hardcore streaming love in Path of Exile. Join in for your chance to win.

Path of Exile Does End-Game Action RPG’n Right (Updated with Video)

This is the craziest idea in the world, and it seems so simple. Grinding Gear games is getting ready to do endgame right.

RipTen Review: Diablo III (PC, Mac) PART 2

Part 2 of our Diablo III review is here. Scores and all! Be sure to check out part one before you dive in to the endgame review.

RipTen Review: Diablo III (PC, Mac) PART I

Diablo III is far from a small game. So part one of the review pops today, part two will finish it at some point next week.

Watch Us Play Diablo III for 24 Hours Straight for Charity and Justice!

Ever dreamed that you could watch Steph, Cat, Dave, Aaron, Kreyg and other RipTen favorites play vidya games for an entire day non-stop and somehow make it worthwhile? Well now you can!

What to Do This Week: Android

This week is action RPG week. Our poor WTD writer fails at sticking on topic all the way through, but you'll thank him for it.

What To Do This Week: iOS

Action RPGs are on tap in this weeks WTD. Come on in, have a seat, and feast your eyes on some fantastic mobile action.

Path of Exile Gets Patched

Tons of new stuff in Path of Exile's latest patch; 0.9.9. The closer we get to "1," the closer we get to Open Beta.

Shadows Fall on Path of Exile’s Open Weekend

Character six is announced. Open stress test weekend is coming up. There is no such thing as too much Path of Exile news.

Trendy is Paying for Dungeon Defenders Maps

Like designing maps? Trendy Entertainment is offering a $1000 grand prize for a map designing competition for Dungeon Defenders!

RipTen Review: Dungeon Blitz (PC)

Dungeon Blitz is an accessible hybrid of beat 'em up and MMO, but is it worth your time?

Path Of Exile Patch 0.9.7 Launches

Grinding Gears Games' Path of Exile is one step closer to open beta. We've got some keys to give away now, though!

Diablo III Puts PvP On Hold, Fans React

Blizzard is putting PvP on hold, but that means Diablo III is much, much closer. Also, we're trying to find a definition for the word "soon."

Epic unveils newest Infinity Blade, Takes the Fight to the Dungeons

A new iOS device means a new Infinity Blade title, but this one's a little different.