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New Diablo III Details – ‘Nuff Said

Diablo III still isn't out? Oh well, it will be eventually. In the mean time, come with us as we learn a bit more about the next installment of Blizzard's beloved franchise.

Dark Souls Coming This October! (Trailer)

Namco Bandai has finally announced the release window for Dark Souls with a new trailer!

RipTen Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS)

If you've played any of Koei's "Warrior" games, you'll know exactly what this is. Run around an expansive battlefield, smashing through mobs...

Dragon Age 2 – HD Video Walkthrough Guide

Dragon Age 2 presents players with a very long, challenging and rewarding quest. Use this HD Video guide to help ...

Dragon Age 2 Achievement / Trophy Guide – Includes All Hidden and Video

Looking to Maximize your gamerscore or possibly earn the Dragon Age 2 Platinum Trophy?

New Dragon Age II Trailer Brags About Good Review Scores

Bioware seems awful proud about Dragon Age 2's great early review scores.  How Proud?  Proud enough to release a trailer to brag about them.

Atari Set To Release a Trio of Terrific Titles – I Tried Them Triumphantly

These pioneers are about to jump head first into the digital download age with three upcoming releases. I've played them all, and I'm gonna tell you all about 'em

Diablo “Investigated” for a Console Port

Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime brought up the possibilty of a console version of Diablo at DICE late yesterday.

Dungeon Seige III Trailer Shows Betrayal, Revenge and Flaming Swords!

Today we get a little background that let's us know you've been betrayed, and that you most likely want revenge - Gruesome, nasty revenge.

Dark Souls (Demon’s Souls 2) Announcement Trailer, Stunning Screens

From Software has released stunning Screens and a new trailer for their upcoming game Dark Souls. Formerly known as "Project Dark" it's ...

New F2P Magic the Gathering Tactics – Launch Trailer and Screens

The new title is free to play and features a story-driven single player campaign as well as a robust multiplayer experience.

Dragon Age II – Developer Diary #3

EA and BioWare have released their 3rd new developer diary video for Dragon Age II. In this episode they talk about the character Hawke and much more.

5 New Features We Want In Minecraft

Minecraft is God's gift to video gamers but even so, there's still some features that could ultimately help it become the perfect game we know it could be..

World of Warcraft Demoed for the Android

What could possibly make World of Warcrack more addictive? Make it mobile! If you have an Android smartphone, you may soon be able to play WoW on the go.

RipTen Review: Samurai 2 (iPhone)

Let me start off this review by saying that this game is absolutely gorgeous, and makes me happy I sprung for the retina display...