Calling All Fighters: East Coast Throwdown Starts May 18th in New Jersey!

New Jersey's own major fighting game tournament is starting on May 18th in Morristown. If you're nearby and a fan of the genre, head down and support the scene!

Injustice: Gods Among Us Muscles Its Way To The AppStore

Super heroes go super small in a mobile version that uses cards.

RipTen Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

We've all made the Sony Smash Bros. jokes, but Battle Royale deserves another shot in the ring.

RipTen Review: WWE ’13 (360)

WWE '13 is here, it's great, and if you don't like, I've got two words for ya.

RipTen Review: Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (PSN)

Nostalgia trippers and arcade fighting fans rejoice: Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is as good as you'd want it to be.

NYCC: NetherRealm Righting Wrongs with Injustice: Gods Among Us

I know we're knee-deep in the fall rush right now, but I really can't wait for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

WWE ’13’s WWE Universe Mode Detailed

WWE '13 will let you be the creative director of your own wrestling empire with its WWE Universe mode.

RipTen Review: Dead or Alive 5 (Xbox 360)

Under new direction, the Dead or Alive series is back. Find out if you should train up to be a fighter.

Dead or Alive 5 is Here, and Director Yohei Shimbori is Ecstatic

We had the chance to speak with an elated and effusive Yohei Shimbori at the DoA 5 launch.

Killer Instinct Trademark Plucked From Obscurity By Microsoft

It might be time once again to break out your best C-C-C-Combo Breaker. Maybe.

RipTen Review: Persona 4 Arena (360)

Come for the RPG source material; stay for the excellent, accessible and deep fighting experience that will appeal to fans of all skill levels.

RUMOR: Street Fighter X Tekken Might Not Be Appearing At EVO 2013

One of the staff members behind EVO announced that Capcom's latest might not be back in 2013.

Hide the Family Jewels – Catwoman Joining Injustice: Gods Among Us Cast

Finding your pocket picked is the least of your concerns...

Namco Bandai Announces Tekken Social Service To Launch In September

Namco Bandai is launching a new social platform alongside Tekken Tag Tournament 2.