First Person Shooter

Gotham City Impostors Inundates Market With Over 100 Pieces of DLC

WHOA! That's a lot of DLC. Like Rock Band on crack. There are over 100 pieces of downloadable content...

Derek Smart’s ‘Line of Defense’ Lines Up New PR Firm

3000AD, the studio headed up by outspoken independent game designer Derek Smart has recently entered into a partnership with press agency Evolve PR.

There’s a Giant in My Battlefield 3!

If there's one thing the Battlefield franchise is known for, it's authenticity. Note, I didn't say realism, but authenticity - there is a difference.

The Darkness II Developer Diary Discusses Co-op

2K Games has released a developer diary for The Darkness II. The diary discusses the Vendettas narrative co-op.

Possible Battlefield 3 DLC Announcement Next Week

During an investors call, EA VP of Investor Relations Peter C. Ausnit said, "You're going to hear some announcements..."

EA’s Syndicate Will Not Use “Collect $10 Before Online Passing Go” Model

OK, EA, you win. We're confused. Now, you've announced that Syndicate isn't going to have a pass?

Metro: Last Light Delayed to 2013

Don't pull out that train fare just yet. Metro: Last Light has been delayed.

Battlefield 3 Sells Over 10 Million Units

While EA might not have taken the shooter crown from current-king Call of Duty, it's off to a very good first step if sales are to be believed.

Gotham City Imposters to Release on February 7th

Warner Bros. has given a release date for their upcoming Batman themed shooter Gotham City Impostors.

29,000 Valve Fans to Play Half-Life 2 Simultaneously on Saturday

"A Call for Communication" will be playing Half-Life 2 this Sat. to send a message to Valve.

Darkness II Trailer Shows Off Sweet Executions

There's a new Darkness II trailer, and man, is it gory. Check out some of the awesome executions you can perform.

PlanetSide 2 Webcast Answers Community Questions

PlanetSide 2 development team discuss various features and answer fan queries.

Game Not Over, Man! Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed

In space, no one will hear you scream...but they heard this time. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed back again.

So RAGE was Filled with Corridors and Rooms, Big Deal

Beautiful, expansive worlds with a plethora of enemies, tools, and diverse characters with whom the player character can interact aren't just for open world games.

Dead Space Developer Working on New Online Shooter IP?

Visceral Games, developer of the superb Dead Space games, is reportedly working on a new multiplayer shooter.