First Person Shooter

PAX Prime 2012: Medal of Honor Warfighter Multiplayer Will Leave You Wanting More

Even if you may be thinking "Not another shooter," Warfighter introduces some intriguing concepts you won't want to miss.

RipTen Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

Can a global offensive revitalize the Counter-Strike name for a new generation?

DICE Quadruples Battlefield 3 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Servers

DICE has heard your calls for more servers and delivered four times the Battlefield 3 goodness.

Death Is No Excuse in PlanetSide 2 (or the Command Center)

All you ever wanted to see on Auraxis (before dying horribly in battle) is at your disposal right here.

Borderlands 2 Enlists Four Impressive Musicians for Its Soundtrack

At least you'll have something awesome to listen to on the radio when you catch a ride around Pandora.

Standalone DayZ Will Have Construction, Pets, Ragdolls and No Initial Mod Support

The DayZ standalone title will feature Red Faction-esque construction, man's best friend, and ragdoll physics.

Borderlands 2 Cocked, Loaded, and Gold

Borderlands 2 has gone gold, so get your guns ready. If you don't have any guns, they'll have plenty.

Black Ops 2 Changes the Way You Play Call of Duty Multiplayer

Spoiler warning: Black Ops 2 multiplayer is set to feature gunplay. You've been warned, soldier.

Nintendo Won’t Be Developing Call of Duty-Type Games, Iwata Confirms

If you're hoping of a Super Mario FPS game on the Wii U, your hopes may have just been dashed.

Trent Reznor to Rock the Theme Music for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The award-winning composer and frontman is giving war a rocking soundtrack.

Planetside 2 Beta Coming Soon… Provided Tech Tests Go Well

Cross your fingers, Planetside 2 beta might just be around the corner.

Borderlands 2 Won’t Get Official SDK, But It Might Get a PS Vita Release

Gearbox confirms the lack of mod tools, however Vita owners hoping for a port now have a glimmer of hope.

Borderlands 2 Offers Perks for Fans of the Original Game

If you played the original Borderlands and kept your save file, Gearbox wants to reward your loyalty.