Former CEO of Two MMO Studios Named New Studio Head for Lionhead

Lion gets a new 'Head' as former CEO of Cryptic Studios takes charge.

Capcom Working On Monster Hunter MMO… For China

I swear I just heard you start to get excited, and then sigh heavily in frustrated exasperation.

RipTen Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel’

Star Wars: The Old Republic releases its first expansion pack bringing more than just a few lightsabers with it.

Titan Now a Registered Trademark of Respawn Entertainment

Blizzard neglects to trademark Titan as a name, so it gets snatched up for a possible upcoming FPS game instead.

Family Friendly Marvel Super Hero Squad Racks Up Over 5 Million Users

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online moves into its second year for kid-friendly butt kicking.

World of Warcraft Brings More Brawl to the Brawler’s Guild in Upcoming 5.3 Patch

WoW developers promise to bring more pain to their rendition of Fight Club in upcoming patch.

Defiance Preview

I’m not a journalist. I have never professed to be, and I won’t ever begin to do so. However, through a difficult to replicate turn of events, I was asked to don the hat of a journalist in RipTen’s most recent coverage of Defiance. This is my story.

TERA: Rising To Get New and Exciting Small-Ass Monsters

En Mass Entertainment's action-MMO, TERA: Rising, will soon be getting a brand new PVE element.  The announcement came today, April 1st, that a counter-point to...

Dragon’s Prophet Heads Toward Closed Beta

The upcoming, dragon-based MMO Dragon's Prophet shows off its stuff with a new trailer and new screenshots.

We’re Giving Away 200 Defiance PC Beta Codes Right Now, So Get Yours!

Here's your chance to get in on the Defiance PC beta this weekend.

TERA to be Reborn as Free-to-Play TERA: Rising Starting February 5th

The Exiled Realm of Arborea goes free-to-play starting February 5th. The catch? Pretty much non-existent, actually.

The War Z – We Bring Out Our Dead to Bring You Hands-On Impressions

Dodging zombies left and right is all fun and games, until you get shot by a bandit. In other words: words straight from the (un)dead zone.

RIFT: Storm Legion Opens up Beta Testing to Current Subscribers

Rift: Storm Legion goes into Open Beta to encourage current players to fight off a half-naked Dragon Goddess.

Final Fantasy XIV Closes As A Realm Reborn Prepares To Rise

Square's going to keep pushing this Realm Reborn thing until the prove that Final Fantasy XIV can work. Let's just go along with them, shall we?

BioWare Publishes a New Video Showcasing the F2P Changes in Star Wars: The Old...

New SWTOR videos warns new F2P potentials that they are gonna miss out on the Party Jawa.