World of StarCraft Mod Will Go Ahead Under Another Name

The World of StarCraft MMO mod created in StarCraft II's mod tools has been given the green light by Blizzard, as long as the name is changed.

Bethesda: “The license is ours. Fallout belongs to us.” Interplay: “ORLY!?”

On today's episode of "Tales of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives" - Bethesda says Interplay has the rights to nothing. Low and behold - Interplay isn't having it. Drama ensues. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn *cue dramatic music*

New Brink Developer Diary Shows Off, “A Choir of Guns”

Ahh the beautiful sounds of gunfire. Check out this latest Brink developer diary in which they discuss the sounds . . . of violence.

World of StarCraft Videos Pulled by Blizzard, Happy Ending for Modder

It seems an odd title, but bear with me. Although Blizzard have decided that World of StarCraft's videos had to be pulled from YouTube, the modder responsible has nabbed himself a job.

Modders Create World of StarCraft Using Mod Tools

StarCarft 2 has some pretty powerful mod tools. So powerful,in fact, that some modders are creating a long awaited MMO out of them: World of StarCraft.

DC Universe Online Adding More Servers to Meet “Overwhelming” EU Demand

Sony Online Entertainment has to announced today they will be adding more servers ...

Bethesda’s Motion to Dismiss Interplay Counter-Claims – DENIED

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the, "Days of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives". On today's episode of the soap opera that is the Bethesda/Interplay legal battle - Bethesda's motion to dismiss Interplay's counter-claims have been - denied.

DC Universe Online Patch 1.02 – What it Fixed

DC Universe Online already has it's first Patch. Patch 1.02 will great both PC and PS3 players next time they log on. The Patch is designed to fix ...

RipTen First Impressions – DC Universe Online

Sony had originally intended for DC Universe Online to be the first truly cross-platform game between PC and consoles (we don't talk about Shadowrun around here).

Bethesda Says They’ve Been Consistent With Interplay Claims – Or Have They?

The drama continues as the future of the Fallout MMO hangs in the balance. More legal documents have been poured over and it looks as if Bethesda may have been caught with their pants down.

DC Universe Online Trophy Guide

Being a Superhero/Supervillain can sure be fun, but if you are looking to maximize your trophy level, we've got all the trophies listed here with how to get them.

DC Universe Online Fact Sheet Surfaces

DC Universe Online is here and ready for you to create a hero of your own. Before you dive in, check out this fact sheet and get a heads up about the game.

Interplay Calls Bethesda’s Fallout Claims, “Absurd”

Can't we all just get along? No? Ok, then how about we get this mess sorted out and get back to making games.

Fable III Shown on a PC at CES 2011 (Video)

The Microsoft Booth at the 2011 CES show has a little surprise for attendees - Fable III up and running on a PC. While many expected a PC port of Fable 3 ...

DC Universe Coming January 11

Sony Online Entertainment announced late last night that they'll be bringing out their new superhero MMO sooner than anyone had anticipated ...