RipTen Review: Symphony (PC)

Symphony follows in the musical footsteps of titles like Audiosurf, but is this manic, neon shooter a reverie or a dirge?

RipTen Review: Sound Shapes (PS Vita)

Sound Shapes a lovely "pleasant surprise." Rock to the beat and, uh...shapes, of this fantastic reason to pick up your Vita.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Receiving 20 DLC Songs in August

At least the downloadable song titles are easier to pronounce than the actual game...

Broadway Showtunes Set to Hit Wii this September

Now you can be part of the hit musical, Cats (now and for the foreseeable future at the Winter Garden Theatre)! Creepy feline costume not required.

RipTen Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS)

Hey! You got some music game in my RPG! You got some RPG in my music game! Tastes great! Less Filling!

Lawsuit Filed Against Ubisoft Over Rocksmith Technology

American-based music education software company claims Rocksmith's technology violates their patent.

Square Enix Confirms North American Launch Date for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

This unique 3DS-exclusive entry into the Final Fantasy series combines RPG and music rhythm gameplay.

RipTen Review: Lumines Electronic Symphony (PS Vita)

Lumines continues to stand out among puzzle games thanks to thumping beats and entrancing game play.

Watch This One Winged Metal Angel Shred Classic Final Fantasy Tracks

What do you get when the epic music of Final Fantasy meets one of the internet's infamous metal madmen?

The Top Ten Epic Tracks in Game Music

Where would epic games be without epic soundtracks? Well, they'd be somewhere much less epic.

Indie Game Music Bundle Offers 10 Sweet Soundtracks For A Dollar

The Indie Game Music Bundle offers 10 indie soundtracks for a dollar, but it's a one day only offer.

E3 2011: Just Dance 3 Announced to Release October 11th for All Platforms

Ubisoft confirmed that they will be continuing their popular Just Dance series with the release of Just Dance 3. The game, which will release on all "motion capable' platforms, will hit stores on October 11th.

The Elder Scrolls Theme Played on a Harp is F**king Beautiful

We've found an incredible cover of The Elder Scrolls theme. It's... mesmerizing:

The Duke Nukem Theme on Electric Violin Is F**king Incredible

Over the years, I have seen hundreds, no, thousands of covers of the Duke Nukem "grabbag" theme. However...

Video Game Scores are now Eligible for Grammy Awards

The Grammy Award qualifications have recently been amended to include video games as eligible to win a Grammy for their musical scores.