Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife – Bed Intruder Song Coming to Rock Band...

As if our world couldn't get any more saturated with Antoine Dodson, now he's due to hit Rock Band 3.

Ubisoft Unveils New Music Game Rocksmith That Uses Real Guitars (Trailer)

Rhythm and music games are a dime-a-dozen, in fact, Activision pushed the genre so hard that it caused...

Activision May Release “Dance Hero” Title

You would that think Activision would be content to let the rhythm game genre air out from the stagnation that the company had already subjected it to, but alas...

DDR Hottest Party 4 Release Date Announced

The latest entry into the DDR series now has a confirmed release date. So make the leap and dance on to the full post to find out when it is...

2Pac Raps With Super Meat Boy in 2011’s Meatiest Collaboration

The legend of rap meets the legend of insanely difficult platformers in perhaps one of the greatest music mash-up's we've ever heard ...

Super Meat Boy Tracks Coming to Rock Band Network

Three tracks from Super Meat Boy will be coming to the Rock Band Network "soon." Since super Meat Boy has one of the best soundtracks of all time . . .

Be Your Own DJ Hero With Gear4 Pocket Loops

Ever wanted to be your own iPhone DJ? Well, now you can! Gear4 is getting set to release Pocket Loops - an app and keyboard combo that will have anyone making block rockin' beats in no time.

This Duke Nukem Fan Song Deserves a Country Music Award

There have been plenty of Duke Nukem fan songs over the years - but none of them ever had that good ol' down home American twang ...

Harmonix Bought By Investment Firm – Given Control Over Own Destiny

Viacom issued a statement today confirming the sale of Harmonix, the Rock Band developer that had been on the 'shopping' block.

Celebrate the Release of Michael Jackson The Experience With a Trailer

Michael Jackson: The Experience released yesterday and is finally teaching people how to properly...

Axl Rose Sues Activision For $20 Million Over Guns ‘N’ Roses Licensing Violation

Guns 'N' Roses front man, Axl Rose, prepares to welcome Activision to the court room, bring them to their knees, and watch their wallet bleed ... to the tune of 20 million dollars in damages.

Michael Jackson: The Experience – Updated Track List

Ubisoft have announced another three tracks for Michael Jackson: The Experience. This includes the iconic hit, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

Naked Kinect Testing is Not Safe For Work

There's really not much to say here. If you like Kinect and half naked women, this video is for you. NSFW!!

Viacom Selling Harmonix After Earnings Dip (Update)

Viacom has seen extreme fluctuation in financial gain and loss with Harmonix since its purchase and has finally decided to cut their losses. Viacom expects a ...

Michael Jackson: The Experience – Updated Track List

Dirty Diana, Streetwalker and Speed Demon have been added to the track list for Michael Jackson: The Experience ... hoo!!