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RipTen Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dragonborn (360)

Bethesda has delivered the Skyrim expansion for which fans have been waiting over a year.

Pier Solar HD Hits Paydirt on Kickstarter, More Release Platforms Confirmed

WaterMelon surpasses their funding goal and promises that you'll be seeing Pier Solar released on even more systems.

Borderlands 2 Unlikely to Grace Nintendo’s New Console, According to Gearbox

Those hoping to enjoy the shooting and looting mayhem that is Borderlands 2 on the Wii U shouildn't be holding their breath.

The Good, Eternity and Avellone

Time for a new Project Eternity news and interview roundup!

RipTen Review: Pokemon Black 2 (DS)

If you're thinking of buying this sequel, it don't matter if it's Black 2 or White 2.

RipTen Review: Skylanders Giants (3DS)

The value of Skylander Giants on 3DS depends on whether you've already invested in a collection of figures for the console versions.

RipTen Review: Persona 4: Golden (PS Vita)

Atlus' Persona series has found a comfortable home on Sony handhelds. RPG lovers should pay attention.

Dragonborn Is Coming For You On December 4th

Though only Xbox 360 owners should feel threatened at this point. PC and PlayStation 3 owners will have to sit tight for a bit.

Project Eternity: Of Game Design And Men

Design is the name of the game in the latest Project Eternity updates.

Pier Solar Developers Seeking Kickstarter Backing For a Full HD Port

With your help, this highly successful 16-Bit RPG homebrew might finally be able to reach a wider audience.

Mass Effect Trilogy Launch Trailer and PS3 Details Finally Revealed

If you're a PS3 owner who was worried about the state of the Mass Effect Trilogy, you can now breathe a little easier.

New Skyrim DLC Takes Us Back To Morrowind On The Backs Of Dragons

The third expansion for Bethesda's landmark RPG, which lands on the Xbox 360 this December, could possibly be the best one yet.

Wasteland 2 October Update Roundup

It's been quiet about Wasteland 2 lately. Or was it?

RIFT: Storm Legion Opens up Beta Testing to Current Subscribers

Rift: Storm Legion goes into Open Beta to encourage current players to fight off a half-naked Dragon Goddess.