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Diablo III Rated in South Korea; The Rest of the World Still Pending

While Blizzard hasn't confirmed a release date, Diablo III has been rated 'R' by the South Korean Gaming Board.

Dark Souls PC Petition Gets Namco-Bandai’s Attention

Dark Souls fans have gathered a whopping 65,000 signatures in a week in order to petition for a PC port.

Check Out the Reckoning & Mass Effect 3 Exclusive Cross Promotion Unlocks

Earlier this week, EA announced demos for BioWare's Mass Effect 3 and 38 Studios’ Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, teasing a cross-promotion between the two titles offering exclusive unlocks to those that play through both demos. As a follow up to that announcement, EA released a trailer to hype the promo.

Argh! CD Projekt Stops Hunting Down Witcher II Pirates

Remember when we said CD Projekt would hunt down Witcher II pirates? Yeah, not happening.

Mass Effect 3 to Feature 3 Different Campaign Modes

Mass Effect 3's campaign will come in three distinct modes. If you're a shooter fan, or just enjoy the story, this should satisfy you.

Play Demos for Mass Effect 3 and Reckoning, Get In Game Items

Bioware and 38 Studios work together to promote each other's games. Download demos to get in game armor.

Diablo III on Consoles? You Bet Your Ass.

Rejoice, console owners: Blizzard's upcoming action RPG epic is coming to us!

Fallout Belongs to Bethesda, Period – Rights to the MMO Taken from Interplay

The war has changed. Bethesda now owns the Fallout IP, no exceptions.

Petition to Have Dark Souls Ported to PC

PC RPG fans unite and petition to get Dark Souls a PC port!

OOOOOH YEEAH! Skyrim ‘Macho Man’ Dragon Mod is Running Wild … Dig it!

OOOOOH YEEEAH! The Macho Dragon Mod, "Expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness!"

New South Park RPG Screenshots and Character Art

Naturally, after your work has been nominated for (and for the most part won) Grammies, Tonies, Emmies, and Oscars, the next thing to do is make a venture into videogames and sweep up all the awards there.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer is Heavy with Moogles

Watching this trailer you'll see many of the series' familiar action, graphics and of course, Moogles. Come in and check it out..

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses Revealed in New Videos, Screens

EA and Bioware have released new videos, screens that reveal Mass Effect 3 pre-order goodies.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus Will Excite You Says FF Producer

Yoshinori Kitase thinks Final Fantasy XIII Versus will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Watch Dovahkiin Put an End to the “Arrow to the Knee” Meme

This arrow to the knee thing has got to stop. Luckily, Dovahkiin himself has stepped in to do something about it...