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Obsidian Wants To Go All Digital… To “Stab the Used Game Market in The...

Obsidian Entertainment is apparently not a fan of the used games market, which is pretty understandable...


Leeroy Jenkins has become something of an icon in this world, whether you like it or not.

New Diablo III Trailer Is Epic

Blizzard, newly dubbed VGA Gamer Gods, showed off another Diablo III trailer,

New Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Straight From The VGAs

Here's a whole bunch of new Mass Effect 3 gameplay straight from the VGAs.

Rift Entices Players into Instant Adventures with Latest Update

Trion's speedy pace of updates for Rift continues with the latest being the "Instant Adventure" initiative.

This Is The Only Old Republic Review You Will Ever Need To See

You guessed, Bro Team is back with another dead on review. This time it's for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Top 10 Real Life FUS RO DAH’s

Videos of "Unrelenting Force" being used in real life have been popping up on the net to incite epic lols for months now. What we have here are what we think are the Top Ten Best FUS RO DAH's in real life...

Fan Made Skyrim Trailer Gives Bethesda a Run For Their Money

Someone has paired Malukah's beautiful song with this beautiful footage from Skyrim...

This Skyrim HD Time-Lapse Video Is Magnificent

What we have here is a five minute time-lapse video of Skyrim which is of "ultra" quality. Needless to say, it's magnificent.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 150 “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

If my previous musings about Skyrim were roughly 7000 words, then these 150 screens should be worth roughly over 9000.

Awesome New South Park RPG Details Surface

Forget about Skyrim. Who needs to FUS ROH DAH when you can RO SHAM BO Cartman square in the nuts! You are not prepared.

Skyrim Creation Kit Coming in January

Once modders have the full set of tools to do whatever they want with the game, there are literally no limits to what can be done with Skyrim.

Beautiful Bard Sings Skyrim’s “The Dragonborn Comes” In Real Life

Yes, Malukah has sung one of your favorite Skyrim tavern songs and made it even more glorious.

South Park: The Game Will be a “Full-Scale” RPG

Dont fret just yet, this time Trey and Matt are indeed involved.

Are Multiplayer and Playable Dragons Coming to Dragon Age?

Bioware's not done with trying multiplayer just yet. A new Dragon Age may even feature playable dragons.