Role Playing Game

RipTen Review: Silent Hill: Book of Memories (Vita)

This Silent Hill is not like the others, but that's not all bad... if you don't mind grinding, grinding and more grinding.

CD Projekt RED Divulges A Bit More Information On Cyberpunk

A little bit more information on Cyberpunk has trickled down to the Internet.

RipTen Review: Skylanders Giants (360)

Is Skylanders Giants as good as the predecessor or is it a complete money sink? Well... yes, actually. Just depends who you are.

BioWare Panel in Edmonton Confirms a Few Features for Dragon Age 3

BioWare panel at Edmonton Comic Expo confirms Dragon Age III story and player character details.

RipTen Review: Of Orcs And Men (PC)

The best laid schemes of Cyanide and Spiders go awry in this mediocre RPG.

BioWare Publishes a New Video Showcasing the F2P Changes in Star Wars: The Old...

New SWTOR videos warns new F2P potentials that they are gonna miss out on the Party Jawa.

Where We Go, We Need Project Eternity Summaries

The Kickstarter ends, the dust settles and Obsidian is still on the field of battle, with $4 million dollars, popular support and Ouroboros on their side.

Konami Releases Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Our fingers are tightly crossed that Silent Hill: Book of Memories is the portable action-RPG we've been waiting for.

Project Eternity Sets Record For Highest Game Funding On Kickstarter

The fans have spoken with their wallets and made Project Eternity the front-runner on Kickstarter's list of highest grossing game projects.

The Old School RPG Gets a Name: Shaker

The Old School RPG chugs along under a new name (and brings us gifts!)

First Eternity Screenshot and an Introduction to the Big Things(tm)

New updates bring goodies: first screenshot, lore, stretch goals and World Domination.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wins Big at the GDC Online Awards

SWTOR wins big at the GDC Online Awards winning in categories most people haven't even thought of.

Persona 4: The Golden New Features Trailer

Adding new features to an already stellar title? Atlus is trying to make sure no Vita owner goes without purchasing Persona 4: The Golden.