Role Playing Game

RipTen Review: Guild Wars 2 (PC)

Guild Wars 2 seems to be aimed at those who just aren't happy with current MMO's.

RipTen Review: The Secret World [Part 4: Final Verdict]

We come to it at last: the month-long conclusion of a foray into the Clandestine Biosphere. No, wait... The Secret World.

Etrian Odyssey IV Set To Land On Western Shores In 2013

This latest instalment of the dungeon-crawling RPG series will see a North American release on the 3DS in early 2013.

Mass Effect 3 Will Get Another Free Multiplayer DLC

Collectors will make a return in Mass Effect 3. Rumor has it that they are still a bit grumpy.

Kickstarter: Old School Role-Playing Game by Tom Hall and Brenda Brathwaite

More Legends of the RPG world join in to make the world a better place, through old school RPGs.

Thief 2 and System Shock 2 Receive Revolutionary Patches

A mysterious benefactor has released groundbreaking patches for two classic PC titles.

RipTen Review: Legasista (PS3)

If you're looking for a new dungeon crawler, and really like grind, then this game is probably for you.

Abundant Supply of Eternity Projected For The Future

Mysterious announcements, countdowns, teasers, limiting news to build hype? Obsidian's too old school for that.

RipTen Review: Tokyo Jungle (PSN)

On the surface, Tokyo Jungle seems lighthearted like a Disney film. Once you play it, you'll realize it's as brutal as Shark Week.

BioWare Announces The Mass Effect Trilogy – Prepare To Fight The Reapers Once More!

If you have yet to experience all that the Mass Effect series has to offer, your ship has just come in.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches 1.4 Patch Today

SWTOR finally receives a few of the previously promised bells and whistles players have been hoping for.

Blizzard Publishes Pre-Launch Video for Mists of Pandaria

WoW devs talk up latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria while filing in missing lore gaps.

Project Eternity: All the News That’s Fit for Posting

Obsidian updates us on Project Eternity's world, souls, technology, writing techniques and everything else you might want to know.

Dark Souls DLC Fall Console Release Confirmed – Prepare To Die Yet Again

PC owners have been enjoying the pain of Artorias of the Abyss, and now console owners will, too.

Project Eternity hits $1.5 million, Developers Spill the Beans

Will Eternity be a dream-come-true for RPG gamers? We won't know until 2014, but we have some new, exciting info now.