Legal Saga Between Mojang and Bethesda Over ‘Scrolls’ Trademark Continues

Six weeks ago, Markus Persson, received a letter from Bethesda’s legal department.

RipTen Review: Renegade Ops (XBLA)

Very seldom does a twin stick shooter come my way that impresses me in nearly every aspect. Renegade Ops is one of the few.

RAGE Is Finally Ready To Go!!

After nearly four years in development, id Software and Bethesda are about to unleash RAGE upon the world.

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood Scheduled to Release Oct. 25th

Sony has announced an Oct 25th release for its upcoming inFAMOUS 2 expansion Festival of Blood.

Dead Island Is Number 1 With More Than 2 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

Dead Island has taken the number 1 chart position across the globe with nearly 2 million units shipped!!

Dead Island Patch Released on Xbox 360 – PS3 and PC Coming Soon

Deep Silver has announced that the first title update for Dead Island is now available for download via Xbox LIVE!!!

Final Fallout: New Vegas DLC “Lonesome Road” Gets a Lonesome Trailer

Bethesda has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming DLC, Lonesome Road for Fallout: New Vegas

Dead Island – Trophy / Achievement Completion Guide

If you are looking to maximize your Dead Island experience by building an impressive gamerscore, we've got the guide for you.

Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition

Rockstar Games have announced the GOTY edition for Red Dead Redemption!!

This Saints Row: The Third – Meet The Deckers Trailer Is Better Than Tron

Meet Matt Decker, leader of the Deckers and god of his own cyberspace.

Finally a RAGE Co-Op Trailer – Wasteland Legends: Water Service

Bethesda and id Software are finally shedding some light on RAGE's co-op mode in this latest trailer!!

New Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks DLC Screens

Check out four brand new screens from the upcoming free DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Beta Starts This Weekend! Preload now!

Get ready for the Assassin's Creed Revelations mutliplayer beta by preloading the game today before it begins!

Red Dead Redemption Myths & Mavericks Bonus Pack Dated and Detailed

Rockstar Games has announced new details on the Myths & Mavericks pack including a release date!

Here’s the Minecraft 1.8 Update from Notch and Mojang

Mincecraft's invasion of PAX Prime was a huge success and 1.8 is shaping up to be a very, very good thing.