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Yakuza 4 – Free DLC for New Packaged US Versions

The SEGA blog has confirmed that all new copies of Yakuza 4 in the US will come pre-packaged with codes inside the box.

Homefront Multiplayer Preview Shows off Large Scale Combat

The video highlights the finer points of gameplay, such as the ability to play as infantry, ground forces, or air support. Being MVP just got a lot more dangerous.

New Warriors: Legends of Troy Screenshots Would Make Achilles Proud

This mythical bloodstravaganza is looking to have everything fans of the epic Trojan Wars could possibly want . . . except maybe Brad Pitt.

Yakuza 4 ‘Hostess Trailer’ Looks to Get You Hot and Bothered

Sometimes, you just gotta let loose and build some meaningful relationships. Even the most ruthless criminals need companionship.

Dragon Age II Demo Hits “All Platforms” February 22nd

The demo for Dragon Age 2 will release on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on February 22nd after Bioware had branded the concept "speculation".

Yakuza 4 Demo Drops on February 15th for PS Plus Users, 22nd for Everyone

The seems awfully generous of Sega doesn't it? Well don't count your lucky stars just yet. The demo is exclusive to PlayStation Plus users for a week.

New Batman: Arkham City Screens/Artwork Displays a Patriotic Two-Face, Sexy Harley Quinn

Rocksteady Studios and WB have released a few new screenshots and artwork to tease Batman: Arkham City.

inFAMOUS 2 – New Screens, Video and Morality System Detailed

Sucker Punch has given new details on the morality system of Infamous 2. They also released a video and several stunning screens.

RipTen Review: Dead Space (iPhone)

Mobile ports of console games are usually terrible. You have to sacrifice graphics, controls, depth, all for the sake of portability.

Anarchy Reigns – New Teaser Trailer Has Copious Amounts of Awesome

Anarchy Rules, the new brawler from Sega and Platinum Games, gets its first teaser trailer and it is all kinds of awesome.

Sega Announces New Online Brawler – Anarchy Reigns

You read that right - an online mulitplayer brawler from Sega and Platinum Games. Sound interesting? We think so. Read on for details ...

Here’s That L.A. Noire Trailer You Missed – And 25 PS3 Screens

Rockstar's latest trailer for L.A. Noire was leaked and quickly taken down last weekend. Luckily for you - they've just sent out the official HD version.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection May Be Coming to the PS3

According to Official Playstation Magazine, there are rumors in the air about Solid Snake getting an HD makeover for his first three MGS titles.

New Yakuza 4 Trailer Shows Us Four Ways To Kick Ass

As you should know by now, Yakuza 4 will let you choose from four different protagonists - Each with thier own unique story and fighting style.

New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Teased

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow definitely created a rift between fans of the franchise, with some liking the new direction and others scoffing at the changes.