Tower Defense

You Won’t Be Able to Defend Your Free Time from Fieldrunners 2

The hit tower defense franchise is making its long-awaited return tomorrow. Charge up those iDevices.

RipTen Review: Kingdom Rush HD (iOS)

Kingdom Rush HD adheres to the best concepts o the tower defense genre and, in the process, exceeded my expectations.

RipTen Review: Babel Rising (XBLA)

When someone asks you if you are a god, Ray, you say yes! Smite some insolent ancient people in Babel Rising.

RipTen Review: Toy Soldiers: Cold War “Evil Empire” & “Napalm”

There comes a time where expansion packs are actually expansive. This is one of them.

Trendy is Paying for Dungeon Defenders Maps

Like designing maps? Trendy Entertainment is offering a $1000 grand prize for a map designing competition for Dungeon Defenders!

New Skyrim Mod Introduces Unexpected Gameplay Element – Tower Defense

An upcoming mod brings a quality Tower Defense component to the popular Skyrim universe.

RipTen Review: Defenders of Ardania (PC)

If you're a fan of tower defense, you'll want to try the new multiplayer game Defenders of Ardania by Paradox Interactive.

Don’t Forget, The Starhawk Beta Ends January 3!

If you're in the private beta for LightBox's Starhawk, you'll be sad to hear that the beta will end on Tuesday, January 3.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Finally Coming to XBLA in 2012 (Yay)

11 Bit studios critically acclaimed "Tower Offense" game is finally coming to XBLA next spring.

Unstobbale Gorg Gameplay Trailer Gets Lost In Space

Futuremark claims that their retro sci-fi tower defense game Unstoppable Gorg is revolutionary to the genre!

RipTen Review: Dungeon Defenders (PC)

It's now time for the consoles and PC to experience Trendy Entertainment's first game, Dungeon Defenders. You defend Dungeons

RipTen Review: Orcs Must Die! (XBLA)

Orcs Must Die! isn't your typical tower defense game. Which is why the game excels at being one of the most fun and fascinating...

Orcs Must Die! Gets Lengthy Developer Diary

Robot Entertainment has released a new Orcs Must Die! developer diary that offers a look inside the development process.

Meet Karl the Robot in “Super” Monday Night Combat

A new contestant is entering Monday Night Combat, and his name is Karl the robot!

RipTen Review: Rock of Ages (XBLA)

Rock of Ages should be renamed Pebbles of Dreams. It has what it takes to be a great unique title, but fails at doing so.