In Soviet Russia – Modern Warfare 3 Teases You!

While we're busy compiling everything we know about Modern Warfare 3 thus far, here are all four teaser trailers that have been released.

PS3s Being Traded In 200% More Than Usual in UK

An anonymous UK retailer has said that thanks to the PlayStation Network downtime PS3 trade-ins have gone up 200 per cent.

Soul Calibur V Coming in 2012 (Trailer)

It is official, the eternal cycle of ruthless battle will begin again... in 2012. We have some new details as well.

Get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Director’s Cut) For $4.99!!

GoG has slashed the price of The original Witcher as if it were a drowner with a penchant for silver swords.

Diablo 3 Beta Coming This Summer

Today, during an Activision-Blizzard investor call, Blizzard founder Mike Morhaime told the world when we can expect a Diablo 3 beta.

Infaune Feels He Singlehandedly Saved Capcom

Keiji Inafune, the former development head over at Capcom has revealed some startling secrets about...

Konami Launches the ‘Ultimate Konami Fan’ Challenge

Konami announced that they will be holding an Ultimate Konami Fan contest, with a grand prize VIP package to E3 this June...

Valve Definitely Not Done With Single Player Gaming

Just over a week ago RipTen reported on a supposed rumor that Valve was parting ways with singleplayer gaming elements after the release of...

EA Says Rumors of a New Xbox Are 100% False

It was recently reported that Electronic Arts was in possession of the next Xbox console, only to have the rumor completely obliterated by EA.

Get Your Graffiti Featured in RAGE and Win A Trip To Quake Con 2011!

Are you a graffiti artist and a gamer? Well then Bethesda's latest contest is right up your alley.

EA Says Battlefield 3 Is ‘Superior’ to Call of Duty

EA has come out swinging big haymakers in a battle of words so big even a boxer would be impressed...

The Witcher 2 to Be Censored in Australia

In another slight kick to the balls (and ovaries) of Australian gamers, The Witcher 2 is set to recieve a slight bout of censorship before it's released...

Hackers Are Planning A Third Attack Against Sony!?

Ugh, hasn't this Sony soap opera gone on a bit too long? Well apparently not...

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Officially Revealed (Details)

Today, Ubisoft finally revealed the development of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, the fourth installment in the series.

Sony Points Finger at Anonymous as Suspects in PSN Hacking

Following the serious downtime and leaking of private user data, Sony has today come out and accused the 'hactivist' group as their prime suspects.