Square Trademarks Hitman: Absolution. E3 Reveal Would Be “Killer”

Are you 'dying' for some new info on Hitman 5? Well this might 'stab' at your interests.

Borderlands 2 Pops Up On Artist Resume – Pitchford Denies Existence

After the huge success of the original Borderlands and all its post launch content, it was a bit of a no-brainer...

Alienware Unveils Three Sexy New Gaming Laptops

Whether you want 11 inches, 14 inches, or a full 18 inches, Alienware can satisfy you.

Sonic Generations Announced – It’s A ‘New’ Sonic Game… Kinda

Sega has announced a new sonic game. Well, it's new and old. You see, it will pair new sonic with...

Why Valve’s Crazy Marketing Is A Good Thing

Even if you're a jaded hater of Valve's marketing approach, you've lost nothing. In fact, you can only gain from the situation.

Help Portal 2 Release Early By Playing Indie Games!!

Aperture's mysterious countdown has ended and Valve has revealed that the only way we're going to get Portal 2 to release any earlier is by

Aperture Science Starts Mysterious Countdown. Portal 2 Releasing Early?… or Something More? (Update)

A mysterious countdown has begun over at Aperture Science and it's counting down to...

Nintendo’s Next Console To Be Shown At E3 2011?

Multiple sources are claiming that Nintendo will unveil their next console at E3 2011! This console, which is rumored to be coming out in...

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Director’s Cut) Coming to GoG for $4.99!!

Holy beast slaying panty dropping deals Geralt! GoG has just announced that for a limited time...

Hey SupaBoy, SEGA Nomad Called – It Wants Its Idea Back

Have you been dying to see your classic SNES games turned portable so you can enjoy them anywhere?

Independent Streets of Rage Remake Gets Pulled by Sega

The game, which took an astounding eight years to make, has been shut down by the Sega legal team.

This German GameStop Site Has a Listing for GTA V… Just Sayin’

Let me take you on a fantastic journey of improbability as I attempt to persuade you that...

Geohot and Sony Settlement Terms Released, Cat Remains Out Of The Bag

Settlement terms between Media-Behemoth Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and George Hotz, the 21 year old superbrain that deflowered the Playstation 3, have been released.

Dungeon Siege III Pushed Back to June

Dungeon Siege III was supposed to be released in May, but instead of rushing the process and releasing the game when planned...

Omgad It’s a Prey 2 Screenshot!!

Behold!! The first in game screen shot of Prey 2. I have no idea what's going on in this picture, but there appear to be aliens and stuff.