The Ups and Downs of Take-Two’s Fiscal Earnings

Take-Two started off the fiscal year with less than stellar results but is looking toward a promising few months to come.

Amazon Announces Game Connect

The new service aims to provide free-to-play games with convenient item purchases.

EKG’s Mike Kennedy talks Gamestop’s “Damaging” Influence

Rumors have swirled about what the next generations of consoles will (and won't) offer.

Radical Entertainment Shutters Its Doors

Radical Entertainment, the developer behind Prototype and Scarface, has shuttered its doors...

Best Buy and GameStop Jump on $99 Xbox 360

Still holding out on getting an Xbox 360? Wait no longer, the $99 deal is coming to a city near you. But, wait, there's more...

Community Manager Seth Killian Leaving Capcom

Capcom's community manager announces his departure from the company in order to pursue other interests.

E3 2012: Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo Shown by Square Enix

Square Enix unleashes a killer tech demo at E3 called Agni's Philosophy.

Curt Schilling Pins Blame for 38 Studios’ Dire Position on State of Rhode Island

Curt Schilling is looking to put the blame others for 38 Studios' problems.

Nintendo Confirms Wii U Name With E3 2012 Logo

Nintendo's new E3 2012 logo for the Wii U has confirmed that Nintendo will NOT be changing the name of their new console.

Bungie Won’t Be At E3 this Year

Looks like Bungie's not showing its face at E3 2012 either...

THQ Weighing Multiple Reverse Stock Split Options to Avoid NASDAQ Delisting

THQ is planning a reverse stock split to avoid NASDAQ delisting.

GAME Australia Faces 60 Closures, 281 Employees Cut

Another nail in the GAME coffin. Go buy physical copies, they said. Digital purchases are unreliable, they said. HAH.

Was Bungie’s Next Hit Outed by the Call of Duty Lawsuit?

It looks like things are heating up in the Activision lawsuit and contracts are being released.