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Death Is No Excuse in PlanetSide 2 (or the Command Center)

All you ever wanted to see on Auraxis (before dying horribly in battle) is at your disposal right here.

Generals 2 Transforms Into Command & Conquer Free-To-Play

After months of silence, Generals 2 suddenly appears transformed: the first Command & Conquer title without single player or a price tag

Win a Key to Enter a World of Steamworks and Magic in City of...

Get your typing fingers ready and you could win alpha access to City of Steam

The Power of Emergent Narrative: Getting Kidnapped in DayZ

It's amazing what emergent fiction is capable of. Just look at this one man's tale of being kidnapped in DayZ.

RipTen Review: The Dream Machine Chapters 1-3 (PC)

With game design, characters and dialogue as exquisitely done as the game's visual direction, The Dream Machine is a must play adventure.

Zynga CEO Wants to Make Zynga a “Forever” Brand Like Google

Zynga's CEO wants Zynga to become a "forever brand" like Google... and it looks like the company's on its way.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Commander Coming To Facebook This Spring

Facebook is home to a precursor to the upcoming Future Soldier. Read on to find out what the title will offer players.

Google Plans to Unify Gaming Into One Platform

Google's unveiled some ambitious plans for its gaming sector for the next year.

Play From Dust in Your Google Chrome Browser When it Hits Next Month

There are just certain moments when I see a cool piece of technology that I just want to excitedly run down the street and yell, "Guys! The future! It's here!"

Rovio’s Angry Birds Go to Space March 22

The war between the angry birds and the pigs has reached new heights. Take the fight to the stars this coming March.

Zynga: 54 Million Players a Day, Still Lost 400 Million Dollars Last Year

Zynga has revealed that despite a huge playerbase, it lost a lot of money last year.

Ghost Recon Online Closed Beta Begins March

The closed beta for Ghost Recon Online will begin this March, and signups are already open.

Ubisoft’s PC DRM Leaves Anno 2070 and Driver: San Francisco Unplayable

Ubisoft recently performed a server switch which led to some of its games being rendered unplayable.