Civilization V: Brave New World Expansion On Its Way

Get ready to lose more hours of your life with a new expansion for Civilization V

Pier Solar HD Hits Paydirt on Kickstarter, More Release Platforms Confirmed

WaterMelon surpasses their funding goal and promises that you'll be seeing Pier Solar released on even more systems.

Pier Solar Developers Seeking Kickstarter Backing For a Full HD Port

With your help, this highly successful 16-Bit RPG homebrew might finally be able to reach a wider audience.

Shadowgate Creators Looking To Resurrect The Series Via Kickstarter

The original team behind the pioneering point-and-click adventure game are planning a complete remake, but they need your help.

CD Projekt RED Leads GOG’s Push Toward Mac With Witcher 2, Gives Modkit Release...

Mac users get classic games, Witcher 2 fans get a modkit (eventually).

Project Eternity Sets Record For Highest Game Funding On Kickstarter

The fans have spoken with their wallets and made Project Eternity the front-runner on Kickstarter's list of highest grossing game projects.

Introversion Software Wants You to Become a Prison Warden

Sure, you can buy lots of titles, but how many allow you to participate in making the game by testing the alpha and all the builds that follow?

Guild Wars 2 Now Available for Mac Users… Sort Of

ArenaNet eases the pain of Mac users by releasing a Beta client for Guild Wars 2.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed Until November

Overhaul Games needs more time to iron out the wrinkles and do some fine-tuning before the mobile Baldur's Gate launches.

Some Sneaky Mages Found More Multi-Colored Duels 2013 Decks

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is very mono-color based - but not for long.

Has the Auction House Ruined Diablo III?

Hopefully my concerns about the direction of Diablo IIIare unfounded, but I have space on the internet, so I write.

RipTen Hardware Review: Razer Taipan Mouse

The Razer Taipan is a comfortable, ambidextrous gaming mouse that sports a solid balance between speed and control.

RipTen Review: Civilization V – Gods and Kings (PC)

While it won't convert any apostates, "Gods and Kings" will serve as a revival to the faithful. Just one more turn...

Former Red Storm Entertainment Developer Seeks Kickstarter Funding For New Tactical FPS

This ambitious endeavor by former Tom Clancy game developer shows a great deal of promise.

Diablo III Patch Notes Are Up

Expect an editorial in the next day or two after I spend some time with the new notes.