Game Developer Finds Potential for USB Controller Gaming in Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Could full controller support benefit gaming on the new Surface tablet?

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The Apocalypse Looks Grim in the New Darksiders II Trailer

THQ continues to roll out the goodies for its "Summer of Death" promotion after killing Enter the Dominatrix.

New Screenshots for Persona 4 Arena, Including Cover Art!

Atlus is gearing up for the release of Persona 4 Arena later this fall with new screenshots.

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Changes Are Coming to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition

This is a post about a patch for a fighting game. May want to calm down a minute before you dig in.

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There's more to Optimus Prime than just a powerful voice according to Peter Cullen.

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THQ will make your wait for Darksiders II that much easier with its promotional giveaway.

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