Defiance Preview

I’m not a journalist. I have never professed to be, and I won’t ever begin to do so. However, through a difficult to replicate turn of events, I was asked to don the hat of a journalist in RipTen’s most recent coverage of Defiance. This is my story.

Defiance Hits Shelves Today – Shows Off Launch Trailer

Trion Worlds MMO shooter Defiance launches today. You can check out the game's launch trailer right here.

The Walking Dead Available at European, Australian and New Zealand Retailers in May

If you're a European gamer who missed out on Telltale's critically adored The Walking Dead episodic adventure game series last year, you're in luck. Starting on...

Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed

We may have to wait until September to get our hands on Grand Theft Auto V, but you could always print this cover out and slip it in a game case to try and fool your friends. Just don't let them see the back.

Maxim Brings Execution Mode Back to Judgment Ahead of Schedule

Maxim brings Execution Mode back to Judgment. Damon Baird bares it all on this month's cover.

Get To Mappin’: Forge Island Releases Today

The level creation tool gets an expansion with a much desired space.

Kojima Says David Hayter Will Not Voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The...

Hayter? Hayter?!!! NOoooooooooo! Even Octagon would shriek at the thought of a David Hayter-less Metal Gear Solid release.

Epic Confirms Remnant Warzone Mode in Judgment Not Part of Paid DLC, No Plans...

Who put the Contra in my Gears of War? Warzone is back, sort of.

New Grid 2 Trailer Showcases European Locations

Codemasters has showed off the "European Expansion" trailer for the upcoming racer Grid 2, showcasing some of the European locations, clubs and cars that will...

Metal Gear Solid V Coming To PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Based on the end of the trailer, it appears that the impressive looking Metal Gear Solid V will be making its way to current-gen consoles.

New Watch Dogs Trailer: Watch_Dogs: ctOS Threat Monitoring Report

A little bit more Watch Dogs to get you pumped for its release at the end of this year.

New Grand Theft Auto V Screens

If you're eagerly awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto V, hopefully these screenshots will tide you over, at least for a couple of days.

Borderlands 2 New Vault Hunter is Krieg the Psycho

The new mostly melee Vault Hunter that Gearbox teased at SXSW for Borderlands 2 has been detailed at their PAX East panel.

PAX: Increased Borderlands 2 Level Cap Detailed

Gearbox has detailed the DLC pack that will be bringing with it the increased level cap for Borderlands 2.

Fuse Launches May 28th

EA and Insomnic will be launching the four-player co-op shooter Fuse this spring.