The Watercooler: I Live in the Woods

A fantastic stop motion film today, but be warned- it's not for the feint-hearted.

The Watercooler: Square Bubble

Everything I thought I knew about blowing bubbles was wrong.

The Watercooler: Gorilla Suits

I don't know if I blame these people for being so gullible. Those gorilla suits are pretty good.

The Watercooler: David Caruso

No, it's not the sunglasses thing. In fact it's got nothing to do with that at all.

The Watercooler: The Hero Pig

It's not just sausages and bacon that makes pigs great- it's the fact that they are heroes in the making, too.

The Watercooler: Clever Elephant

Here we have an elephant spraying poo on to a man. Yes, that's all it is.

Geeked-Out: Super Pop Culture Inspired Keyboard Customization

What happens when comic books and video game console collide? You get an epic custom keyboard, that's what.

The Watercooler: Let’s Make A Date

Whose Line is it Anyway- if you've not seen it, you really are missing out. Here's a bit of a taster.

The Watercooler: The Big Fight

It's not a secret that rugby is a contct sport. But ,maybe someone should have told these two that it's not supposed to have that much contact.

The Watercooler: Captain Kirk is a Real Gent

The good ol' Captain really knows how to treat a lady.

No Mutants Allowed Releases S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Design Documents

Ever wondered how Oblivion Lost would've looked? NMA got their hands on some interesting design documents.

The Watercooler: Tactical Velcro Removal

You have to hand it to this guy, it's an impressive feat to open a velcro seal without anyone hearing it.

The Watercooler: Ugh, Dog

Anyone remember Catdog? I do, but I don't remember Dog being so dirty... come to think of it, I don't know how he's managing this.

The Watercooler: JC-Dogg

Jeremy Clarkson might not look like the world's greatest rapper. But looks do deceive.

The Watercooler: Stuffed Like a Turkey

This is the sort of video that's so odd that I want to make sure it stays that way by never finding out the proper context.