Target Store Logo Red Rings (Image)

I now know where I'm NOT going to be buying an Xbox 360 ...

No Shit News: EA Explains Online Pass Ten Dollar Trade-In Penalty As Business Model

By now every game is probably familiar with what is mentioned in the title of this article -- specifically, that if you buy a game pre-owned from EA, you'll have to fork over ten dollars to access the multiplayer component ...

TrueAchievements Tracks Achievements for Real Gamers

Many games give you 10g just for putting them in and booting them up, or beating a level, while others give you 10g for completing a difficult or obscure task. For instance, the Simpsons Game gives you 5g just for pressing the start button, while you get 5g for completing 10 side missions in Just Cause. It's just not fair. TrueAchievements.com has come up with a solution to this unjust scoring;

Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Monkeys, Pirates, Robots, Ninjas, and Zombies!

Monkey! Pirate! Robot! Ninja! Zombie!! Okay, now that I've got your attention (and I'm sure I do after that), I'm not recapping what I wore the last five Halloweens (though that is pretty accurate) ...

Star Wars Fashion: Runway Models Nerds Can Relate To

Ever wonder what you should wear to a classy event? Want to send the right vibes, but need some advice? We've all been there, which is why Hong-Kong based artist John Woo has created a handy guide to Star Wars fashion ...

Space Invaders Messanger Bag, for Those Times you Actually Leave the House

Thinkgeek have rolled out a new line of messenger bags with a Space Invaders design- perfect for that one day a year when you leave the basement to get a Mother's Day card from the shop down the road ...

Get to da Choppah! Video Counts Helicopters in Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

Call of Helicopters, an innovative and useful gaming blog, has released a video analysing the helicopter density of the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer.

Steam Sale Day 3: Zeno Clash, Company of Heroes, Left 4 Dead 2, and...

Today's steam deals have been revealed, with big discounts on eight more games including City of Heroes, Half-Life, Company of Heroes, and more.

Girlfriend Deletes Boyfriend’s Level 80 WoW Characters Before Raid (Video)

It's been a while since I've seen a steaming pile of poop trying to pass itself off as an "authentic look at uncensored anger," but thanks to this lovely (and obviously staged) video clip, we can all laugh at the idiot smashing ...

Steam sale Day 2: Ghostbusters, AvP Classic, Resident Evil 5 and More

Steam has updated, and today's deals have been revealed. The deals set to run for the whole week continue to run, and a new set has become available.

Ask.com’s Top Five Online Video Game Questions Released

The popular question and answer site, Ask.com, recently went through their database to find questions related to video gaming. Not surprisingly, there were thousands. Questions range from upcoming release dates to the history of video gaming.

Steam Summer Sale is on, Say Farewell to Your Savings

The Steam Summer sale has kicked off, and there are already hundreds of games that have been discounted. Each day until the 4th of July will feature a new set of deals.

L.A. Craigslist Loaded with E3 ‘Missed Connections’

While certainly, E3 is a place people will go to meet people-- say, one game developer, journalist, etc. hoping to catch up with another they've only spoken with online, for example-- it has typically not been perceived as an event people go to in order to really meet people. That is, until now.

iPhone “Comprehensive Insurance” Now Available for an iArm and an iLeg

The iPhone is expensive—and even more so if you buy it out of contract. Generally, the warranty only covers the phone if there is a manufacturer’s defect; and with Apple, there’s no such thing, right? Luckily, Asurion, the top global phone insurance company, is now offering protection—for a price.

Cliff Bleszinski On Used Game Market: Honey Sells, Vinegar Smells

Cliffy B has criticized EA's “Project Ten Dollar”, where used game buyers have to spend $10 to get access to content that is free to new buyers.