Mobile Won’t Kill Consoles… If Manufacturers are Smart

Gamers shouldn't cringe every time they see an iPad. Cross-platform play will make it all better.

Ubisoft Brings More Card Gaming to iPad with Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

Might & Magic: Duel of Planewalkers Champions is coming to iPad and Windows. CCG fans need to get ready for a very busy summer (hopefully).

RipTen Review: Dice Soccer (iOS)

Seriously. Download it now. Steal it if you have to. At free, there shouldn't be any legal issues. Dice Soccer is the greatest thing on the iPad period.

What To Do: iOS Games

A list of things to ensure you neglect your weekend responsibilities. Get down on it and enjoy a range of games from tower defense to torture!

What To Do: iOS and Android Weekends

Get ready for a new Saturday morning snuggle partner. Or, Get ready for some Saturday Mourning, Yeaaaaahhhhhhh!

Free App of the Day: Burn The City (iOS) DoubleTake (Android)

Burning cities and matching blocks. Good way to kick off a Friday. Jump on in to get all the info you need.

Huge Update for Plants Vs. Zombies Shambles onto iPad and iPhone

Don't count Plants Vs. Zombies as dead just yet. Today's update brings new content.

Can Zach Gage’s Spelltower Topple Rovio and Zynga?

Can one man's word game take down Rovio and Zynga at the same time? You make the call!

Free App of the Day: Infect Them All (iOS) Brick Buster Pro (Android)

Zombies and Bricks are on offer as our free titles for the day. Looks fun. Breaking bricks is something primal and enjoyable. Eating brains is good for the heart.

Today’s Free Mobile Apps: Paper Monsters (iOS) Hockey Fight (Android)

Today's free apps include something for fans of cute platformers and blood-spattered ice.

Kabam’s First Mobile Title crosses 1M Downloads

Recently Kabam has stated that their first title, Kingdoms of Camelot has been downloaded more than a million times.

Aquaria 1.0.3 drops on iTunes for the New iPad

Aquaria has a shiny, new coat of paint that takes full advantage of the iPad's retina display.

LambdaMu Wants You To Play Soccer with Dice

It is always exciting to find a new game that surprises you. LambdaMu Games keeps delivering them, so we just had to chat.

Al Lowe Thinks Touch Screens Will Save Adventure Games

When it comes to pointing and clicking, being able to actually point and "click" just makes it better.

Mobile Gaming Gone Wild with Choose Your Own Adventure Style

Mobile gaming is here to stay. One of the exhibitors at PAX East is even bringing back...