Windows Phone 7

SEGA Opens Episode II on Sonic 4 Website; New Details Revealed

SEGA has recently updated their Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website to begin featuring content from the upcoming Episode II.

Rumor: Microsoft to Allow Real Money on Xbox Live this Year

Rumor has it that Microsoft will be phasing out their silly points system by the end of the year.

Carmack Thinks 3DS and NGP May Be The Last Pure Gaming Handhelds

The legendary genius overlord of Id Software has made some predictions about the future of handheld gaming devices in a recent interview . . .

These Real Fruit Ninjas Won’t Fit In Your Phone

You know that game Fruit Ninja that you love to play on your iPhone? Ever wanted to be a fruit Ninja in real life? No? Well, these guys did! If there's one thing we can all learn from this, it's that, "You have to be a Ninja - Stop being a pussy!"

Epic Trademarks ‘Gears of War: Exile’

Epic games has filed three trademarks for something called Gears of War: Exile. The three trademarks are for video game software, hint books, and t-shirts . . .

Windows Phone 7 Homebrew Artists Decide to Work With Microsoft

The creators of a WP7 Homebrew Unlocking program have contacted Microsoft's Director of ...

Fix Your Telstra HTC Mozart Battery Issues

I've been using my (amazing) HTC Mozart for nearly 3 days now, and the only major issue I have with it is the short living battery. Well ...

Telstra Windows Phone 7 – First Impressions

RipTen's Bryce Wilson takes a look at the HTC Mozart, one of the first phones running Windows Phone 7. Check out his in-depth impressions.

Microsoft Offered PopCap 100k for Windows Phone 7 Port of Plants vs. Zombies

Microsoft has been reported to be paying developers to port their popular iPhone and Android apps to the new Windows Phone 7.

Hands On With the Windows Phone 7 – Why It Looks Promising

Up to this point, the iPhone has remained the undisputed king of mobile phone gaming. But with the new Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is looking to knock the iPhone off it's throne.