New Skyrim Mod Introduces Unexpected Gameplay Element – Tower Defense

An upcoming mod brings a quality Tower Defense component to the popular Skyrim universe.

Stuff That Never Gets Old: They Sure Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

What could be more fun than watching an old man swear at Super Mario Bros? Wait... don't answer that...

You Got Some WoW In My Minecraft

A Minecraft user has recreated gaming's most popular MMO world, to scale.

Grand Theft Auto IV Mod iCEnhancer 2.0 Out Now

The mind-blowing graphics mod for GTAIV, iCEnhancer, has been updated to version 2.0.

Skyrim Is Getting A Dragon Ball Z Overhaul – New Skyrimball Mod is OVER...

Dragonball Z and Skyrim are having a baby in an exciting new mod.

Mod Tools Coming for Skyrim Next Week

The official mod tools for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released next week.

Nuked Crysis Brings Duke Nukem 3D into CryEngine 3

Forget Duke Nukem Forever- one modder is making Duke Nukem 3D using assets from the beautiful Crysis 2.

Skyrim Online Mod Lets You See and Chat With Other Players In Real Time

A new mod has been released on the Skyrim Nexus which allows you to see other players and chat with them.

Geeked Out: Skyrim Kinect! Your Dreams are Now Reality

Now that's what Kinect's all about. The FUS is strong with this one.

Skyrim Creation Kit Coming in January

Once modders have the full set of tools to do whatever they want with the game, there are literally no limits to what can be done with Skyrim.

Calibur11 Speaks Out On Possible Skyrim 360 Vault & Accessories

Skyrim accessories and an officially licensed vault could be on the way, but only if fans want it.

Doom 3 Source Code Released by id Software

The full source code for Doom 3's engine id Tech 4 has been released to the internet at large.

Are These The First Screenshots of GTA V? No, They’re Not.

Upon closer inspection, many people noticed these were obviously faked and easily made with a mod.

This is What Skyrim Could (and Should) Look Like With Next Gen Tech

Will the next Elder Scrolls game look this good? Will it look better?! Want to freeze yourself just to find out?

Geeked Out: Modder Sticks iPod Nano Into Dreamcast VMU

This modder has fitted his tiny iPod Nano 6G into a Dreamcast VMU, creating a retro-cool music player.