Ryse Uses Controller, Looks Quite Pretty

Originally introduced as a Kinect controlled game for the 360, Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome has now moved to the Xbox One and seems...

Microsoft Announces Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

A new Xbox 360 game? Microsoft! Good on you for not abandoning it.

New 360 Model, Free Games With Xbox Live Gold

In an attempt to keep the news about the 360 going despite a new generation, Microsoft has made two big announcements about the system....

Microsoft Trolls Cola Generation By Teaming With Pepsi

Apparently, Microsoft is teaming up with Mountain Dew and Doritos to give away a whole bunch of Xbox One consoles this fall.

E3 Watch Dogs Trailer Is All About Vigilante Justice

Released before any of the conferences, this Watch Dogs trailer highlights Aiden taking law into his own hands.

Capcom Premieres Dead Rising 3

Capcom has announced and unveiled the third installment to the Dead Rising for theXbox One. Dead Rising 3 will be set inside a small California town. Players will...

Next-Gen Or No Gen?

I've been on the horns of a dilemma since the Xbox One reveal. I'm a bit disillusioned, a bit suspicious, and a bit worse for wear, but I made it through.

Amazon Opens Indie Games Section

The online retailer launches a section of their games category that focuses exclusively on independent games.

The Maker’s Eden Combines Motion Comics And Adventure Games

This indie game's art direction and 1930's retro-futurism is one to see. Also, it has an amazing title.

Release Info, Please: Papers, Please Coming To PCs This Summer

The "dystopian document thriller" comes to Windows and Mac this summer.

A Hat In Time Launches Kickstater

The nostalgia fueled platformer turns to crowd-funding for completion.

Double Fine Returns To Kickstarter WIth Massive Chalice

The post-publisher studio returns to crowd funding to get another project rolling.

Humble Indie Bundle 8’s Powerhouse Includes Hotline Miami, Dear Esther

A well picked variety of games line this Indie Bundle. Come inside to catch some footage.

Perfect Stride Looks Like Kinetic Bliss

The developers of Zineth continue their ideas of motion with their next project.

TenNapel And Friends Return To Games With Armikrog

The stop-motion clay game launches a Kickstarter to get it rolling.