Thief Trailer Sneaks Into The Limelight – Stephen Russell Need Not Apply

Get ready for some stealthy, immoral action in this new trailer for Eidos' upcoming Thief.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Gets The 90’s Treatment

Will Far Cry 3's new DLC actually include cyborgs? We can only hope.

BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia Board Game is Breathtaking

Want to take a more all-encompassing, aggressive, hands-on approach to the story of Columbia, Booker and Elizabeth? Plaid Hat Games has got you covered.

AMD teases Radeon HD 7990 at GDC 2013

Some welcome news for AMD fans that are suffering from GTX Titan envy, as AMD has teased the actual existence of a Radeon HD 7990...

Unreal 4 and Frostbite 3 Engines Leave the Wii U Out in the Cold

Despite being Nintendo's latest console, the current generation technology still appears to be a major hurdle.

Naughty Dog: The Last of Us is “All About the Story”

While playing The Last of Us recently, I asked Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Arne Meyer, how many hours a player could expect from this game...that is when things got interesting.

New Schein Demo Available

Remember that game I mentioned last week, Schein? Here's the updated demo, if you're interested.

Maxim Brings Execution Mode Back to Judgment Ahead of Schedule

Maxim brings Execution Mode back to Judgment. Damon Baird bares it all on this month's cover.

New Unreal 4 Engine Footage Is Downright Impressive

Dreadlocks seem like an impractical choice for stealth. Unless they're used for holding extra equipment.

Get To Mappin’: Forge Island Releases Today

The level creation tool gets an expansion with a much desired space.

Crytek To Bid On Darksiders IP

We might get the chance to revisit the apocalypse if the former Vigil guys at Crytek have their way.

Jay Wilson Admits Auction Houses Hurt Diablo III

A year later, Diablo III's Game Director admits that the Auction Houses were a bad idea.

Final Fantasy III Now Available On Ouya

If you've got your hands on an Ouya, you can now download the classic Final Fantasy III . It should be enough to keep you occupied while you wait to see what else is going to hit the platform in the next little while.

MGS5 Confirmed for PS4? Joakim Mogren Strikes Again on Twitter

While the smoke and mirrors act of Joakim Mogren was doused aggressively at Hideo Kojima's GDC press conference, that hasn't stopped the twitter account of Joakim Mogren...