Neverending Nightmares Is A World of Pencil Sketch Horrors

Neverending Nightmares looks straight up horrifying. Using a pencil-based art style that is reminiscent of Edward Gorey, Neverending Nightmares is an upcoming indie game that...

X Rebirth Locks Release Date, Shows Off Incredible World

If yesterday's recommendation of rymdkapsel wasn't enough space themed video game for you, well then, you're after my own heart. Let me share with you...

Enjoy Space And Base Building With The Minimalist rymdkapsel

Though I remain a bit of a skeptic regarding gaming on my mobile phone, I still make sure to dip into it every once...

Capcom’s Deep Down Looking To Be An Online Game

One of the most striking games that was shown off at the PS4 reveal event this past February, was Capcom's deep down, which was announced...

Europa Universalis IV Will Accept Player-Made Worlds From Crusader Kings II

Thanks to some Youtube Let's Plays, I've found myself sucked into Paradox Development Studio's Crusader Kings II (CKII). It's a brilliant game that mechanically...

Precursor Games Launches Another Kickstarter For Eternal Darkness Successor

Precursor Games' attempts to get Shadow of the Eternals (a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness) funded has been the source of a farcical narrative...

Gods Will Be Watching Devs Turn To Crowdfunding

The space survival game aims to go beyond the frontier.

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Is Less Gameplay, More Cutscenes

Where's the beef? Or... gameplay, in this case.

Summer Of Arcade 2013 Lineup And Prices

Apparently Microsoft announced this year's Summer of Arcade lineup this past E3, but what with all the news of consoles and dramatic counter maneuvers...

Klei Entertainment’s New Game Is Incognita

The devs behind Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve plan to take on the tactics genre in their next project.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Release Dates

Are you pumped to be down in the dumps? If not yet, get ready.

Marvel At This Oblitus Promo Art

How much does it cost to frame a thing? I may want to frame these things.

The Lucky Peach Travel Games Implores You To Eat And Be Merry

The Candy Box dev makes a travel game about eating and islands.

Novelty Real Estate Site, Movoto, Prices World of Warcraft’s Grommash Hold

Love the building in World of Warcraft? Movoto has a deal for you.